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  • Are you a woman on a career break, looking for a suitable job opportunity that allows you to balance family responsibilities and work?
  • Are you finding it challenging to join the workforce after a career gap due to motherhood?
  • Are you someone who has been lured by frauds and scammed in the name of remote jobs or work from home jobs for which you had to pay some amount?
  • Are you a student, looking for ways to earn an income and take care of your own expenses without burdening your parents for the same?

Imagine a job that would give you the freedom to choose:

  • How many hours you would work
  • Where you would work from
  • Which projects you would work on
  • How much you would like to earn

It certainly is possible, and our team of almost 300 Influencer Talent Managers would vouch for it.

Truelancer currently values the global freelancer market at $2 to 3 Billion, growing at an annual rate of 14%. Of this, India is accountable for $1 Billion. (Source: Razorpay)

DRIM is a performance marketing platform that provides free training and certification to eligible candidates to work as Digital Marketing Specialists. Candidates who clear a two week online training and assessment, and are certified by DRIM, are onboarded as an Influencer Talent Manager.

DRIM has a global presence as ‘Perfluence’ in Brazil, Mexico, UK, US, Europe and the MENA region. Leading brands such as Domino’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Hamley’s, Swiggy DineOut, Myntra, IDFC FIRST, Tata Neu Personal Loans, and many more have trusted DRIM’s execution of influencer marketing campaigns to secure new customer bases and boost brand awareness.

Most of the Influencer Talent Managers at DRIM are women who were looking for legit job opportunities that would allow them to work from home. Unfortunately, most people are apprehensive about the authenticity of work from home jobs because scams are quite rampant. So many people report incidents of answering some ads for “work from home” or “earn from home” jobs, and being asked to pay some amount to secure a position or to get trained.

The jobs that do turn out to be genuine, require people to work for very low remuneration.

DRIM aims to change the narrative by not only offering free training and certification, but also paying DRIMers remuneration that is commensurate with their performance. Income is not capped, so that means our Influencer Talent Managers earn according to their performance in the projects that they take up.

Influencer Talent managers Kolla Aswani, Rajeswari Kancheti and Rashadbi Mullani, Johnsy Rani, Maria Bhoplawala and several others like them earn over Rs 50,000 working from the comfort of their home, with flexibility around how many hours they want to invest into their work.

Broadly, an Influencer Talent Manager is responsible for:

1) Scouting for suitable influencers on social media,

2) Offering them projects

3) Discussing the requirements of the project and the expectations of the brand

4) Guiding with the content creation so that the influencer is able to make content go viral and earn from their very first publication.

5) Collaborating with project seniors and influencers to get the best possible quality of work from influencers, thereby driving conversions.

Rajeswari Kancheti joined DRIM as an Influencer Talent Manager in October 2023. She was quick to learn, and with the guidance of her seniors and mentors of each of the projects that she joined, she was able to earn over Rs 50,000 monthly. She says,”I have a baby girl who is 2 months and 15 days old, and my son is 5 years old. My mother helps me with household work. In the initial 2 months I struggled a lot to learn completely new things in my training while looking after my kids. Our DRIM training mentors, Senior Scouts, our DRIM Knowledge Database, project activities, Influencer analysis activities, Webinars and Motivational stories helped me to gain knowledge and for getting publications too.”

Pallavi Reddy, an Influencer Talent Manager from Mumbai says,”I worked as a software engineer for almost a year and a half. Then, I had to resign after the delivery of my daughter. After 13 yrs of a career gap, I restarted my career with DRIM and joined as a scout on April 19th, 2023. I started my training with our lovely mentor Sonal. In the adaptation period, I did only 1 publication in Domino's.

It was a big task for me because I was in my comfort zone till that date. For that publication, I got very good CPA results. I understood how CPA affects our salary. Then, I decided to come out of my comfort zone and worked hard to achieve something in my life. Now, I am very happy with my earnings as well as my publications. Today, I am a 'Negotiator', 'Project Tester' and 'Raising Top'. I started from scratch and rose to the top. I gifted one pair of gold earrings to my daughter with my hard earned money from DRIM. This was and still is, a proud moment for me.”
She thanks her seniors and mentors for their guidance throughout her training and adaptation period.

DRIM Global is an influencer marketing platform with a global presence, looking for women just like you.

At DRIM, the team of nearly 300 Influencer Talent Managers from all over India consists of women just like you, who were looking for an opportunity to do meaningful work that brought them financial independence and a sense of pride in the work that they do.

DRIM Global gives women returnees the opportunity to join the workforce as digital marketing specialists, specifically, Influencer Talent Managers.

Recognizing the challenges women face in restarting their careers post major life events, Yulia Aslamova - Head of Asia at DRIM, has been on a mission to empower Indian women by creating at least 1000 jobs at DRIM. True to this mission, well over 90% of the company’s Influencer Talent Managers are women, making the company a trailblazer in fostering career growth for women returnees looking for legitimate remote working positions.

Rashadbi Mullani is a student who works with DRIM, and is just 20 years of age. She joined the influencer marketing technology platform at 18 years of age, out of curiosity at the insistence of her sister Heena Mullani, who works as an HR Mentor.

Rashadbi now works as a negotiator, HR Mentor and moderator. She says,” As students, we need money to manage our daily expenses, so we take up opportunities to earn an income. There's no shortcut to manage things well or work effectively, the only thing to do is to prioritise & value the right things in life and focus on setting and achieving goals without any lame reasons.”

Armed with her professional approach towards work and the mindset of a problem solver, she was able to guide a micro influencer (with merely 3k followers ) to earn Rupees 7 lakhs on one of the projects. In enabling the influencer to earn that amount, she was able to earn a good remuneration for herself too.

Maria Bhopalwala from Mumbai who started her career at DRIM in June 2022, now works as a Project mentor, negotiator, raising top, project tester and has been promoted as HR Mentor recently. She now mentors new joinees on how to work effectively and efficiently, and earn the maximum possible income.

She says, “I was thrilled and fascinated to explore this new arena (of influencer marketing) and did very well in the first month itself. I got the fast start bonus for doing 59 publications in the first month and later on, won a lot of monthly motivations. DRIM is my second family now as I can’t stay without being here!”Managing DRIM as well business is quite challenging in first initial month. But a perfect planning and execution helped me to manage both and shine in both fields."

Johnsy Rani is an entrepreneur herself, and works with DRIM as an Influencer Talent Manager. She inspires her colleagues by consistently winning contests that add to her income. Her approach towards planning her tasks meticulously and setting targets for herself helps her manage her own venture as well as her profile at DRIM. She says,”Managing DRIM as well business is quite challenging in the first initial month. But perfect planning and execution helped me to manage both and shine in both fields.”

Why is DRIM the best platform for freelancers?

Work-Life Balance: Balancing work, your duties and responsibilities at home, and leisure gets easier with a job that allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Cut down travel time and work with flexible working hours!

Limitless income: We don't decide what your income should be. You do! Our best performers consistently earn over Rs 50,000 because they set goals for themselves, plan their tasks, participate in multiple projects and work effectively with the help and guidance of seniors, mentors and colleagues.

Free Training and Certification: We give eligible candidates free training and certify those who pass the assessment at the end of the two weeks long training. Certified Digital Marketing Specialists then work with us as Influencer Talent Managers.

Excellent Support: It may be difficult to imagine that while working remotely online, you may get support and guidance whenever you need it. But any DRIMer will tell you that whenever they reach out for help in the groups, someone always gets back to them and helps them out, no matter what time of the day or night.

Continuous Learning: At DRIM, learning never ends. We know you can get a bit rusty after a while, so our brilliant HR team and project seniors regularly conduct webinars on different topics. We have also begun Womentoring sessions with subject matter experts from areas other than Influencer Marketing. Because we are invested in the all round growth and development of our DRIMers.

Opportunity to grow within the organization: Our seniors have an amazing talent to spot worthy freelancers working with DRIM and offer them a full time position as and when the need arises. We believe in nurturing talent and looking first within the organization to find capable people who can fill in other roles that are full time.

Who can join DRIM as an Influencer Talent Manager?

  • Age: Between 20- 45 years.
  • Availability: Able to dedicate at least 5 hours a day to work.
  • Skills: Good communication (written and spoken English), social media proficiency, quick learner, disciplined, and a team player.

DRIM has more than 300 Influencer Talent Managers working remotely as freelancers at the time of writing this, out of which 85 best-performing individuals have been promoted to other profiles as full-time employees.

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We welcome you to start your new career with us!

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