DRIM Global, the first performance marketing platform in the arena of influencer marketing, achieved an exceptional milestone by winning Gold at the prestigious Maddies Awards 2023. The esteemed recognition arrived as a result of their groundbreaking influencer marketing campaign conducted in collaboration with Madison World for McDonald’s South India.

The Maddies Awards, an event celebrating innovation and excellence in mobile marketing, recognised the unparalleled success of DRIM Global’s and Madison World in spearheading an influencer-driven strategy that catapulted McDonald’s South to a remarkable surge of 25,000 plus app online orders via web and the app.

The winning influencer marketing campaign showcased the transformative power of influencer marketing in the digital ecosystem at present. By activating a network of over 2300 plus micro-influencers across social media platforms, DRIM Global orchestrated a multifaceted approach that resonated deeply with the target audience specifically in the South of India, resulting in an unprecedented influx of online orders via web and app for McDonald’s. The reach of the campaign was a massive 46.88 Mn. The campaign achieved an incredible engagement rate of 30% against the industry standard of 2%.

Upon receiving the prestigious Gold award at the Maddies, Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM Global expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with Madison World that brought this visionary campaign to fruition. She emphasised the importance of strategic collaboration and thanked the team of scouts, led by the Project Supervisor Katya Nikitonok, Senior Key Account Manager Harshita Gupta, Project senior scout Diana Khamzina and Head of Scouts Dilshaz Bilakhiya, for their creative thinking, team coordination, strategic approach and smooth implementation of winning strategies to achieve these astounding results

“Our incredible team of scouts have worked diligently under the able guidance and supervision of their managers to achieve exceptional results for this campaign. Our team’s deep understanding of consumer behaviour in crafting campaigns that resonate and drive tangible results have made us the leaders in leveraging influencers to deliver impactful performance marketing campaigns. I thank my team of scouts and managers for their excellent teamwork, and Madison World for being delightful partners for collaboration. My special thanks to McDonald’s India for trusting us with performance marketing and gratitudeto e4m events for the honour.”

- Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia, DRIM Global

DRIM Global’s triumph at the Maddies is a testament to our data-driven and machine learning-based influencer marketing platform. Our pioneering efforts have consistently delivered exceptional results, earning accolades such as M3 Gold in two categories, Brand Equity Influencer Marketing Awards silver, and IMA South

In right picture: Dilshaz Bilakhiya, Junior Head of Scouts and Divyesh Thakkar, Senior Business Strategist

Renowned for its expertise in the Cost Per Action (CPA) method, DRIM Global’s excellence in driving measurable outcomes through influencer collaborations sets us apart. Our commitment to leveraging data and cutting-edge technology ensures that each campaign yields tangible and quantifiable results for our clients. We work with leading brands like McDonald’s, Domino’s, KFC, Myntra, Swiggy Instamart, Flipkart Health Plus, Hamleys, BankBazaar, IDFC First and many more.

For brands seeking performance-based influencer marketing strategies that deliver tangible outcomes, DRIM Global stands ready to transform your digital presence.

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