About DRIM
We are DRIM - India’s leading Performance Influencer Marketing Platform
DRIM: Redefining Performance Marketing with Influencers
DRIM started in 2019 with one aim - to make influencer marketing a scalable performance marketing channel. The vision was to consistently deliver measurable results to brands - whether their goal was sales, new clients acquisition, increasing downloads of an app or any other goals that keep a business profitable.
We aimed to become a one stop solution for some of the major problems in influencer marketing -
  • Reliability of influencer marketing as a performance channel.
  • Transparency and measurability of results.
  • Scalability of the campaign without impacting the pace of progress.
  • Performance delivered on a CPA (cost-per-action) basis, so that brands only pay for the results we deliver to them. Along with this, we wanted to make influencer marketing campaigns a lucrative and dependable source of income for influencers, by offering them campaigns with leading brands on a regular basis. Because we believe in fostering long term partnerships with clients as well as influencers.
Today we have a network of more than 250k influencers, have worked with over 200 brands and have more than 2000 Influencer Talent Managers who achieve campaign deliverables every single day. We continue to win prestigious awards for delivering excellence.
Leading brands vouch for our efficacy, and we are the most sought out partner for Influencer Marketing Campaigns because DRIM does it best!
What makes us really happy is that tens of thousands of people earn a good income with us every month, working remotely from the comfort of their home and at their own convenience. So many home makers, freshers and people looking to restart their career have gained financial independence and a new direction in career growth as Influencer Talent Managers.
Influencers associated with us have earned more than $25M so far, and counting.
We are proud to have built this award winning platform that delivers performance based influencer marketing campaigns worldwide.
We work with leading brands like Domino’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Tata Neu, Hamley’s, Pizza Hut, Myntra, Flipkart Health Plus, Swiggy Dineout, Snapdeal, Zepto, BankBazaar, TimesPrime, IDFC First, and several more
Our flagship analytical platform powered by ML and driven by deep analytics of data has won us several awards for delivering outstanding results to brands.
We intend to get bigger and better, and are hungry for more! Are you ready to be a part of our phenomenal story?
“We track several important metrics of influencers with the best audience quality & reachability in their niche. DRIM scales the campaign results quickly based on the real data that we receive daily. In two years, our bloggers have earned more than $25,000,000 and we have delivered over 500,000 CPA results to the brands monthly.”
Kirill Pyzhov
Chief Executive Officer
DRIM team
We employ the most professional, creative and dedicated people who empower us to deliver the full extent of performance base influencer marketing. Our team is aligned to our goal of delivering exceptional results consistently, no matter what your brand’s goals may be.
Yulia Aslamova
Head of Asia
Anshuman Singh
Head of Business Strategy
Sandeep Agarwal
Sales Team Lead
Anwesha Sarker
Head of Growth
Why do leading brands love working with us?
Arif Ehsan
AVP - Head of Digital Marketing & Loyalty - Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.**
“Through their campaign in partnership with Hiveminds, DRIM has delivered over 6 lakhs orders for us and counting. My congratulations to team DRIM for proving their mettle and being a reliable and robust performance marketing channel for us.”**
Venkatesh Kashyap
AVP - Growth at HiveMinds**
“At HiveMinds, we strive to deliver results for our clients that are spread across marquee brands and fast-paced startups in the country. We are constantly on the lookout for new channels to support scale for our clients. DRIM has helped us unlock influencer marketing through thousands of micro influencers in the country to deliver specific brand goals such as rapid scale, visibility for new launches or trials through limited offers for many of our clients.”**
Imran Ansari
Business Director at Madison World**
“The campaign has provided a full-funnel benefit to us. Right from awareness to conversions. What stood out was the learning capability of the tool coupled with the manual brand checks by the team. Look forward to more!”**
Manik Singla
AVP - Marketing at Bankbazaar**
“Many Congratulations to the entire DRIM team for winning at the ET Influencer Awards. Richly Deserved! DRIM team has redefined the entire Influencer marketing landscape for us. We can finally see some real performance coming from influencer marketing campaigns. Great job and congratulations once again.”**
Anshuman Singh
Senior Manager, Business Strategy - Merkle Sokrati**
“I highly recommend DRIM as an exceptional influencer network. Their strategic approach, talented influencers, and focus on brand safety have surpassed our expectations. They deliver outstanding results, providing us with a tailored strategy, high-quality content, and access to a diverse influencer portfolio. DRIM has been an invaluable partner in our influencer marketing efforts, helping us achieve remarkable outcomes!”**
Venkatesh Kashyap
AVP - Growth at HiveMinds**
“DRIM has helped us unlock influencer marketing through thousands of micro influencers in the country to deliver specific brand goals such as rapid scale, visibility for new launches or trials through limited offers for many of our clients.”
Vibhor Bhimsariya
Growth Marketing for Poshmark**
“DRIM has helped Poshmark to grow it's user base exponentially within India. The efficiency they bring with effectiveness in such a cluttered marketing segment is a plus for any brand. DRIM has come out as a core channel of marketing for us within a very small fragment of time.”**