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We have an enormous database of bloggers at your disposal
Our pioneering analytical system selects bloggers who fit perfectly with your brand. Our 500+ managers locate new micro-influencers to promote your brand further
more than 7M leads generated across the globe
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Pay influencers only when you get the results
When you work with macro-influencers, you usually pay them a fixed amount for a post and pray for results. With our 250K+ micro-influencers, we have flipped the script. Now you can choose from a variety of payment models and control the ROI on your campaigns
Cost per Action. You pay only when we generate new customers or new orders for your business
Cost per Click. Pay for the traffic we generate to your website. Ideal for small and medium businesses.
Cost per Publication. Yes, the classic model with a set payment per post. But we are the only ones who can provide you with thousands of posts from micro-influencers every month.
Pay a share of the revenue we generate for your business.
What's inside the DRIM Platform?
Everything is on us
The platform will select bloggers and then check, analyse, optimise and scale your campaign
Smart segmentation
DRIM identifies statistically -significant segments of influencers who perform best for your brand
Look-alike and ML
Based on several parameters, we will find influencers who look like those who generate sales for you
Brand-safety and more
See all the influencers and their publications about your brand
How does it work?
Our best-in-class analytical system helps identify top-performing segments of influencers for your brand
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Once you complete the sign-up process, we launch your DRIM campaign. No prepayment required
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Tens of thousands of influencers see your DRIM campaign and apply to work for you. Approved influencers post about your product or brand
Get results
You get the desired results in the form of new clients, app installs, orders, etc. Then you share the results with us.
You pay by the end of the month only for confirmed results
Campaign optimisation
Our platform optimises campaigns and targets influencers, so we can deliver better results.
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