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DRIM helps various influencers find commercial projects
DRIM helps to find commercial projects for a variety of diverse influencers. Today DRIM is a data- driven, performance influencer marketing platform, where bloggers and brands find each other.
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59.7k subscribers
My collaboration through the DRIM platform was efficient and to the point. Maria was concise with regards to explaining what was required and very quick to respond to my questions.
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I really liked how smoothly and friendly the process took place. And overall it was an amazing experience working with Drim. Moreover, the system is well prepared and it does its job efficiently. Thanks
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"Drim was great! Organized, strong communication, and quick payments - one of the best platforms I've used so far as a creator!"
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I have worked with DRIM on Domino's project and quite happy with the outcome. Also, my manager Dilshaz has helped me a lot from guiding to withdrawing payments by giving all proper updates. Overall it was a lovely experience.