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A research conducted by Aligarh Muslim University and the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) revealed that on an average, a college student in India checks his/her mobile phone over 150 times a day and spends four to seven hours on their phone. (Source:

What if you could learn an in-demand skill for FREE, get certified and actually earn money online so that all those hours spent doom scrolling on the internet pay off?

How would you differentiate between a work from home scam and a genuine opportunity?

Your first question should be, are you being asked to ‘invest’ or pay any money to register for a work from home job?

At DRIM Global, nearly 300 women have been selected, trained and been absorbed into the workforce for free. Most of these women had a career gap and were looking for a legitimate way of earning an income working remotely. Our team of Talent Managers receive additional training, attend webinars and workshops to stay up to date with all the knowledge and skills they need to be able to perform their tasks well. We believe that learning is a continuous process.

If you are a student looking for an opportunity to earn online, we’d love to tell you about our Influencer Talent Manager Rashadbi Mullani, who is pursuing her education while fulfilling her goal of being financially independent.

Earlier this year, Rashadbi guided one of the influencers she manages to perform well in a project and he earned Rupees 7 Lakhs! Being a micro influencer with only 3k followers, even the influencer himself could not believe he earned that much just by cooperating with his manager Rashadbi. In helping him, Rashadbi was also able to earn a good income, because at DRIM, effective performance is rewarded well.

Within just 2 years of joining DRIM as an Influencer Talent Manager, Rashadbi now works as a negotiator, HR Mentor and a moderator. She says, ”Balancing studies with work is quite a challenging task. Every student will agree with me about this. As students, we need money to manage our daily expenses, so we take up opportunities to earn an income. There's no shortcut to manage things well or work effectively, the only thing to do is to prioritise & value the right things in life and focus on setting and achieving goals without any lame reasons.”

So if you are a student looking for work from home jobs in India, and have been going through endless blogs and videos that tell you how to earn quick money while working remotely, don't fall prey to scams that waste your time and money.

Apply to work as an Influencer Talent Manager at DRIM. We understand that balancing work and studies is not an easy task, and we appreciate and support students like Rashadbi who are focused, dedicated and set goals for themselves.

When you apply for the position of an Influencer Talent Manager at DRIM, our checklist is simple. Go ahead and apply if:

✅Remote work and working from home suits you

✅You are below 45 years of age

✅You can spare 5 hours for work, not necessarily 9 AM - 5 PM

✅You have good communication skills

✅You know good written and spoken English

✅You are comfortable using social media

✅You are a quick learner

✅You are disciplined

✅You are a team player

That is all you need, and you can fill this form to be contacted by our friendly recruitment team. A quick chat later, if we are a good fit for each other, you will receive details about your training batch.

The training is FREE, conducted online, and lasts for two weeks. There is an assessment at the end of training, which you need to clear to receive certification as a “Digital Marketing Specialist”, and then you are on boarded as an Influencer Talent Manager. It really is that simple and straightforward!

Did you know that ‘Influencer Marketing Specialist’ features in 25 most in-demand roles in India in 2024?

Our close knit community of Influencer Talent Managers, mentors, and seniors always look forward to warmly welcome newbies. You will be given as much support and guidance as you require, almost 24/7! (Some of us have weird sleeping schedules and are known to reply to newbies to clear their doubts even at 3 AM! 😁)

This could be the starting of a great and fulfilling career for you! Fill the form today!

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