DRIM influencer marketing platform hosted its first Womentoring session conducted by financial expert Akta Sehgal of Manas Wealth. The session titled “Women on Money Matters” was conducted on 5th April, and was attended by the Influencer Talent Managers at DRIM, who were encouraged to invite women who would find the session valuable.

Ms. Sehgal is the founder and mentor of Manas Wealth - A financial distribution and training

firm and Chief Curiosity Officer, NCR at Curiosity Kids India Private Limited, A STEM accredited company. In addition to this Akta is also the founder of some social initiatives like Vanya's Craft – Handmade cards, Motherhood Club, Kid-do-mentoring and MCube.

She is AMFI certified, with over 22 years of experience in the field of financial services. She regularly conducts financial mentoring programs for corporates as well as individuals, and also writes blogs on financial matters to create awareness about financial literacy.

The insightful session covered:

1. Myth Breaking

2. Budgeting

3. Goal Setting & Risk Profiling

4. Behavioural Finance & Mental Biases

5. Meet your own DCP

The attendees had wonderful feedback for the session. Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM said,”Thank you Akta, for the informative session. Your expertise on financial management and delivery of knowledge is commendable. I am sure our influencer talent managers found the workshop valuable as well. It was pure mentorship and very useful for attendees for their overall growth.”

Lakshmi Priya, Head of HR at DRIM, found the topics discussed in the workshop relatable and relevant for the women at DRIM. She said,” I am glad Ms. Sehgal carried out the session outstandingly empowering our Talent managers that financial literacy is not just about managing money, it’s about securing futures. Also, she provided the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about finances.”

Influencer Talent Manager Shilpa Thatikonda said,”I particularly appreciate Ms.Sehgal’s emphasis on understanding the basics and creating "EMERGENCY FUNDS" as essential pillars of financial stability. Her holistic approach to financial planning, incorporating budgeting, goal setting, risk assessment and product matching is both practical and insightful.”

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