It has come to our attention that there have been reports of fraudulent job offers from individuals impersonating DRIM representatives. We want to ensure that all job offers attributed to DRIM are genuine and safe.

To avail a job offer from DRIM, there are two approved methods:

1) Fill out the form available at the following link: DRIM Job Application Form -

2) Receive a referral link from an official Influencer Talent Manager at DRIM.

It's important to note that DRIM does not request any fees from candidates for job offers, training, or certification.

If you've received a referral link from a DRIM Influencer Talent Manager, you can verify the authenticity of the job offer by sending an inquiry email to [email protected].

We have nearly 300 women working with us as Influencer Talent Managers, and are keen to welcome more people into our DRIM team. However, kindly protect yourself from potential scams by verifying all DRIM job offers through the above mentioned e-mail address.