How to earn more than expected with CPA?

Here is the story of one of our influencer. Zoheb started his blog about food and cooking only about a year ago, but it became popular quite soon. So, by the time he started working with DRIM he had already had a certain experience of working with other marketing agencies. Nevertheless DRIM became Zoheb’s absolutely favorite. And this is why:

A team of highly professional managers who guide and support you from the beginning to the end. With them you can always expect professional advice and personal approach. They will explain you perfectly clearly how the platform works and how what should you do to get the best results. They will also give you a helping hand if something goes wrong. Zoheb’s first experience with DRIM wasn’t very successful, he earned only Rs. 800, and got so disappointed that even deleted his account from the platform. But the platform manager approached him again and convinced to give it another try. And that time things went way better. Now Zoheb is very happy with his earnings. The better results he received the more collab offers he got on the platform. Currently Zoheb is advertising for Domino’s and finding the project extremely profitable. In his opinion cost-per-action payment model is the best way to earn on advertising. “Once your reel gets a good reach you can earn more than expected" - Zoheb says.

Reliability. Although Zoheb admits that the money withdrawal process isn’t too fast but it’s absolutely transparent and it’s 100% guaranteed that every single rupee you earned will land up on our account.

“I chose DRIM, they offered me a collab. After working with such wonderful team I will definitely recommend the platform to all the bloggers or creators who are unsure who to work with. I had an amazing experience here and it will definitely work for you too.” – Zoheb.


Every blogger registered with DRIM is assigned a personal blogger’s manager. While these managers hand-hold their bloggers through the process, here are the steps to follow to make a publication:

  1. Login to DRIM platform
  2. Browse projects on the dashboard
  3. Analyse your audience
  4. Choose a project and make a publication
  5. Invest in a sample
  6. Bring conversions and get paid
  7. Withdraw money directly