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Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM, was a panellist at the Marketers Meetup - Theme: Influencer Marketing hosted by MarkeXchange on 24th May, 2024, in Bengaluru.

The meetup was attended by over 50 attendees.

Other panellists present were Sushanta Mukherjee, Influencer Marketer HOGR, Rapti Gupta, CMO, Panchala Tharun, LinkedIn Top Voice, Marketing @ Clientell. The event was hosted by Devishree.

Yulia Aslamova at MarkeXchange meetup

Influencer Marketing: The Future

The panellists at The Influencer Marketing - Marketers Meet dived deep into the dynamic world of influencer marketing. The event was attended by marketers, brand managers, and influencer marketing enthusiasts, all eager to learn from the best in the industry.

They explored a range of topics including B2B influencer marketing strategy, crafting effective influencer marketing strategies, finding the right influencers for campaigns, leveraging user-generated content, and the challenges that they have faced along the way.

The discussions delved into why influencer marketing is becoming a go-to strategy for brands. The consumption of content by teens and young adults at an all-time high. Yulia noted that on an average Indians spend 4 to 5 hours daily on social media. So brands have no option but to adopt innovative marketing approaches to strike a chord with their target audience.

The panellists didn’t just talk about their successes; they shared their struggles and the lessons learned along the way.

One of the key insights was how B2B businesses can leverage influencer marketing effectively. It's crucial for businesses to understand whether influencer marketing aligns with their business goals. Also, Yulia discussed how selecting the right influencer is not just about popularity; it’s about finding someone who genuinely aligns with a brand’s vision and mission. Interestingly, some micro influencers who collaborated with DRIM gained immense success and popularity by sharing authentic reviews and promoting products based on their experiences.

Optimising B2B campaigns involves thorough research and strategic planning. The risks of choosing the wrong influencer are significant if these steps aren’t meticulously followed. The guests shared their valuable experiences too, highlighting that due diligence and finding the strategic fit is non negotiable.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for businesses when done right. By understanding the objectives of a business, the objectives of the campaign, selecting the right influencers businesses can create impactful marketing strategies.

The proactive participation by attendees and their insightful questions made the discussions even more enriching.

One moment that stood out for attendees was when Yulia Aslamova talked about the power of User Generated Content. She shared a story about a small local campaign that went viral simply because they tapped into the authenticity and relatability of their audience. The anecdote was a reminder that sometimes, the simplest strategies have the greatest impact.

Yulia also talked about how recommendations have an impact on the purchase behaviour of people, whether they’re purchasing lipstick, pizzas or anything in between. Influencers have the power to entice people into making emotion driven purchases.

The panellists also dove into the nuances of B2B influencer marketing. Penchala Tharun highlighted that even in B2B, the target audience still craves genuine connections. The best way to strengthen and transform a brand’s outreach is by working on making content that is relatable.

Rapti Gupta added her insights about how to strategize for B2B markets, focusing on ROI and leads. She emphasised that B2B influencer marketing isn’t just about brand awareness but about driving tangible results. Influencer marketing campaigns can be engaging and effective when a brand focuses on setting clear goals, choosing the right influencers, and measuring success through leads and ROI.

DRIM has been a disruptor in the influencer marketing space since its inception and launch over two years ago. We're propelling brands into a new era of engagement and impact with our tech-centric approach to influencer and content marketing. Our aim has always been to make influencers a performance marketing channel for brands, and to provide brands a transparent, measurable and scalable performance marketing solution delivered through influencers.

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