Swiggy is a name that needs no introduction in India. DRIM’s association with Swiggy for influencer marketing caters to Swiggy Instamart, Swiggy Food, Swiggy-HDFC credit card and Swiggy DineOut.

Swiggy DineOut is a project that saw DRIM boosting brand awareness for the brand by generating 2383596 views for the content created for brand messaging. This was achieved within a span of just four months.

At DRIM, content virality is not left to chance.

Our best-in-class analytical platform relies on Machine Learning and data analysis to pick the best suited influencers, and helps us with feedback that makes it possible to offer fail-safe pointers to influencers collaborating with us. Our ability to identify more influencers in the database who are identical to the best performing ones, and add them to the project seamlessly, ensures scalability of campaigns with no downtime.

Our capable team of Influencer Talent Managers share guidelines and tips with influencers. These insights are based on our data analysis, so that content creation is done with the objective of gaining maximum impact - whether that may be maximising sales, or boosting brand awareness.

The project gained a total of 2383596 views from the target audience, with a total of 103045 likes and 2187 positive comments, indicating great engagement. One of the reels of a carefully matched influencer gained 999k views from the target audience.

In picture: A reel that gained 999k views

Project manager Harshita Gupta said, “The success of our Swiggy DineOut influencer campaign was driven by strategic influencer selection, compelling content creation, and exclusive customer deals. Aligning with our target demographic ensured authenticity. High-quality visuals and engaging captions showcased app features, while emphasising time-limited offers created urgency. User-generated content featuring appealing restaurants and sizzling dishes encouraged audience participation. Leveraging multiple social platforms maximised reach, and meticulous performance measurement allowed data-driven adjustments. As a Marketer I’d say, prioritising consumer value in social media campaigns and getting their attention on time played a pivotal role in the campaign's success.”

We're keen to continue this collaboration with DRIM Global for Swiggy DineOut, as the campaign has garnered an incredible 23 Lakh views from our target audience! ", said Nikhil Karunakaran, Senior Marketing Manager at Swiggy. “We hope to further enrich the DineOut experience for our users and offer great value through influencer marketing campaigns in collaboration with DRIM.