Bangalore, India: DRIM Global, India’s pioneer performance marketing platform powered by influencers, is all set to conduct a complimentary workshop for women interested in being upskilled in digital marketing and to learn how to venture into the field of influencer marketing. This workshop is presented in strategic partnership with Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM).

The workshop titled 'Influencer Marketing Trends and Career Perspectives' tailored exclusively for women will be conducted on Thursday February 22, 2024 at the KDEM Office, Keonics seminar hall in HSR Layout, Bangalore, starting at 4 PM.

According to a study, the influencer marketing industry is projected to grow 25% annually to 28 billion INR by 2026. Nearly 60% of this growth is contributed by India. Leading brands have already embraced the fact that they need to earmark a portion of their marketing budget for Influencer Marketing, to achieve maximum impact from marketing initiatives.

According to LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise list which was compiled using unique LinkedIn data to rank the 25 fastest-growing jobs over the past five years, Influencer Marketing Specialist was second in their list of fastest growing jobs in India. If there ever was a time to gain skills in Influencer Marketing to secure a job in this promising industry, it is NOW!

According to a report by, almost 50% of the influencers who took the survey for a study that they conducted were female which shows that female influencers are more active in this field as compared to male influencers.

The top categories engaged in Influencer marketing consisted of a majority of women.

The influencer market is currently dominated by lifestyle and fashion influencers, followed by beauty and travel influencers. Other categories like food, entertainment, parenting, health and fitness influencers are also on the rise in the influencer market. These categories have more women content creators than male influencers.

Attendees of this workshop have an amazing opportunity to gain invaluable insights shared by Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM, and Lakshmi Priya, Head of HR at DRIM, about Influencer marketing, scope for career & employment in this global industry as a professional and entrepreneur.

Participants can sign up for the selection process to avail free training by DRIM & get certified to join the workforce as an Influencer Talent Manager.

KDEM is an initiative of the Government of Karnataka, designed to function as the knowledge bridge between the Government of Karnataka, accelerating growth and investments in the Information Technology sector in Karnataka. This workshop aims to encourage and educate women about digital marketing with a focus on Influencer Marketing and empower them to take up opportunities to work remotely with DRIM.

Mr Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of KDEM added, “We as an industry catalyst and bridge encourage students to explore career opportunities in this sector. We are happy to see DRIM and other companies in this sector who are driving the domestic markets and upskilling talent from Karnataka for the globe. Wishing the event and students all the best for the same.”

At present, DRIM has nearly 300 Influencer Talent Managers working remotely as freelancers, of which 85 best performing individuals have been promoted to other profiles as full time employees. The team boasts of highly qualified women - engineers, an architect, teachers and even a business owner who took a break of varying lengths - some as long as 14 years - and joined the workforce only because of the flexibility of remote working that is offered by DRIM.

DRIM Global has revolutionised the way influencer marketing is done for brands. The company has a global presence with its offices in Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, MENA and Europe, and has created a formidable presence in India as the preferred partner for performance marketing collaborations with leading Indian brands such as Domino’s, KFC, Myntra, McDonald's, Tata Neu Personal Loans, Flipkart Health Plus, Swiggy Instamart, IDFC First, BankBazaar, and many more.

"Through their campaign in partnership with Hiveminds, DRIM has delivered over 6 lakhs orders for us and counting. My congratulations to team DRIM for proving their mettle and being a reliable and robust performance marketing channel for us”

  • Arif Ehsan, AVP - Head of Digital Marketing and Loyalty - Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd

Micro Influencers who started off with a smaller number of followers have now multiplied their number of followers manifold, due to their association with DRIM and the offers they bring to the audience from leading brands.

Divyanshi of foodophile_23 , an influencer who was one of the featured content creators who shared her experience of working in partnership with DRIM at the DRIM Cosmofest presented in association by Forbes India in 2023 says,” Collaborating with DRIM to work with leading brands has been a turning point for me as an influencer looking to bring real value to her followers.”

I began collaborating with DRIM in 2022. I had around 20k followers at the time, and today I have 133k . My audience appreciates the genuine value I offer them through brand collaborations with DRIM. Working for leading brands and being featured in DRIM CosmoFest in association with Forbes India has definitely been a huge factor in adding to my credibility as a content creator.

Another thing that I love about DRIM is their commitment to create opportunities for women. My manager Aayushi is a hardworking girl who manages her role beautifully, and knowing that women can truly manage a career as well as be financially independent is something that inspires me as well.”

Aditi, a food blogger of foodbook_by aditi was one of the leading influencers who shared her experience of working in partnership with DRIM at the DRIM Cosmofest presented in association by Forbes India in 2023. She says,” DRIM is a platform where passion meets purpose, grateful for every moment of growth and contribution.”

My association with DRIM saw the number of followers going from 50000 in May 2022 to 140000 at present. The engagement rate has increased significantly too, because my creativity and personal touch coupled with great discounts from leading brands that DRIM works with, offers true value to my followers. My manager Pramila works closely with me to ensure our collaborations are smooth.”

DRIM Global deliberately focuses on creating employment opportunities for women. The DRIM workforce comprises mainly women from various walks of life, most of whom took a break from their careers due to various reasons like marriage or motherhood. Often, women face a setback in their career due to these reasons, and joining the workforce again when they find the time and support to pursue a career again is challenging because they no longer have relevant skills and up-to-date knowledge in their field of expertise.

Taking up the opportunity to get trained and certified as an Influencer Marketing Manager is the best bet for such women to be job ready as the demand for this role increases every year. This workshop will offer participants a ring side view of the industry from the experts.

In general, Influencer marketing managers are able to work remotely and at their time convenience, because the skills gained do not require one to be tied to a desktop at a workplace. It is the best choice of career for those who want financial independence working in a rapidly growing industry, without the challenges of travelling to a workplace and reporting to work for fixed hours.

Maria Bhopalwala, HR and Project Mentor who joined DRIM as an Influencer Talent Manager in 2022 says,”Joining DRIM has been a life-changing experience for me. Being a housewife and mother of one, I always desired to make an identity for myself. DRIM provided me an opportunity to pursue my dreams along with spending time with my family and working in a comfortable environment. I started my journey as an Influencer Talent Manager just out of curiosity, unaware that I would climb the ladders of growth in a short span of time. DRIM has given me a new sense of identity and purpose. It has allowed me to pursue my passions, connect with like-minded women. I am no longer just a housewife, but a creative force that is making a difference in the world. I have been able to maintain a better work-life balance and have become more productive as a result. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope that more people can experience the benefits of working with DRIM.”

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