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The Objective

The iconic brand Domino's Pizza was aiming to lure more customers into their stores, specifically during the slot between 11 AM to 3 PM. To address this, they could rely on their trusted partners for performance marketing through influencers - DRIM Global.

The brand introduced a ‘Domino's Lunch Feast’ offer – a 4-course meal at just Rs 99 plus GST, to attract customers to the store during lunch hours.

Enter DRIM: The Game-Changers

Domino India has experienced three years of fruitful collaboration with DRIM.

Want to know how we have driven over ten lakh first-time orders for Domino's India through their app? Read HERE!

The brand knew that if anyone could deliver a scalable solution for performance marketing via influencers, it had to be DRIM. We definitely took on the challenge of proving the power of social media micro-influencers in an omni-channel approach to commerce.

The DRIM Approach: Tech and Talent

DRIM deployed serious tech wizardry powered by Machine Learning to select influencers guaranteed to make waves. These influencers weren't just about likes – they were all about driving tangible results, by applying DRIM’s flagship tech in building converting influencer segments and matching the most suitable influencers to brands.

Our analytical dashboard matches the best influencers on the basis of the theme of their profile, their content, their suitability to the brand’s requirements, their engagement rate, effectiveness and other such important metrics that drive pure performance.

Image: DRIM’s analytical dashboard that shows data about converting influencer segments

Supporting our cutting edge tech is our team of highly trained Influencer Talent Managers who add the human touch to the game. They are the ones who manage influencers, coach them on what factors constitute viral content, ensure that the selected influencers are genuinely effective and will deliver creative, unique content.

Building Confidence, Doubling Down

When the first batch of 7 carefully selected influencers hit the scene, Domino's saw the number of people visiting the store during lunch hours skyrocket. The initial publications gained massive virality, particularly in metro cities.

Take a look at how each influencer brought their own unique touch to the message that needed to be delivered:

12 Million Views

6.5 Million Views

4.3 Million Views

As expected by us, the initial batch of influencers delivered content that went viral on social media, affirming the brand’s faith in our approach.

So they went all in, doubling their marketing budget and we could scale the campaign smoothly!

Tailored Content, Big Impact

Even though we delivered excellent results mainly through 3 metro cities, we remembered our promise to deliver a pan-India impact. This would have been impossible to achieve if it weren't for our ability to mobilise influencers that deliver vernacular content which appeals to a regional audience.

That's why 50% of our influencers on this campaign crafted content in various local languages.

Our brief to our influencers is always the same - maintain your unique vibe, it's what your followers love about you!

The Results: Mind-Blowing!

Our ability to scale the campaign seamlessly is due to the technology that gives us a list of look-alike influencers. These content creators tick all the boxes that made the initial set of influencers effective.

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for – the numbers we achieved after scaling up!

  • Store visits shot up by a staggering 100% in the top cities
  • Nationwide store visits rose by a solid 70%
  • Reach of a jaw-dropping 41 million people
  • Total Views of over 52 Million
  • 10 videos garnered more than 1 million views each
  • 225 influencers engaged
  • 135 publications for the brand

Our favourite part is, this massive feat was achieved in less than a month!

A Proven Omni-Channel Strategy

Here's what sets this success story apart: for us, it's not just about online buzz. Our influencers become reliable brand ambassadors, leveraging true influence over their audience.

The DRIM-Domino's Pizza partnership for influencer marketing showcased a seamless blend of online hype with real-world results, demonstrating a textbook example of an omni-channel strategy in action.

By leveraging influencers across digital platforms to drive foot traffic to their physical stores, DRIM’s award winning technology, team of expert influencer talent managers and smart strategy enabled Domino’s to unlock the full potential of influencer marketing not just for their app, but in this case, for their stores too.

Lessons Learned

So, what's the takeaway here? The Cost Per Publication (CPP) model of influencer marketing delivered by DRIM turned out to be an excellent investment for Domino's Pizza. The campaign showcased the power of performance marketing done right. It's not just about the buzz; it's about driving action and delivering ROI by making influencers a scalable performance marketing channel.

“Our partnership with DRIM Global has yielded us over ten lakh orders from new customers using our app, so we are well aware of the platform’s commitment to delivering results through influencers. The initial stage of this CPP project built our confidence in the platform’s ability to deliver results on a Cost Per Publication basis as well. We gained nearly 42 million views within just a month, and DRIM has set the bar high for performance marketing yet again ”,says Arif Ehsan, Head - Digital Marketing Domino's India

Meet the team behind the success:

  • Senior Marketing Manager - Guzalia Voronova
  • Senior scout - Shiksha Thakur
  • Senior Key Account Manager - Harshita Gupta

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