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Mexico City, February 2023 – Drim is a micro influencers platform that attracts new customers to brands with micro influencers. CPA is one of our payment models, in which you are paid for the results: bloggers get money only if their ads bring results.

This case demonstrates how we attracted new clients who made deposits to Finamex, what difficulties we’ve faced and how we overcame those and reached CR 70% from registration to a deposit.

Goal: attract new clients to Finamex and make them not only register, but also make a deposit.

Evidence of success: the customer registers in Finamex and makes his first deposit


51 blogger

101 post

Reach 3,76 mln

Over 4000 likes


Convection from registration to deposit over 70%

But Finamex paid only for the real results - deposits of new clients

Who is Finamex?

Finamex is a Mexican Brokerage House that has positioned itself for more than 48 years in the different asset classes that make up the financial market. It is an institution regulated by the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) and the Banco de Mexico. The +Pesos product has no commission.

Finamex allows you to open a 100% digital contract from your application, you can invest from $100 pesos, generate more pesos in everything just by deciding the investment term. (1 – 7 – 14-21 or 28 days), it allows you to plan maturities according to your needs, it reinvests automatically, it is simple, easy and safe and it is not necessary to have knowledge in investments.

Advertising Campaign

Influencer marketing is a business model that grows year after year, the collaboration between influencers and brands is increasingly profitable, according to data from Influencer Marketing Hub, in 2021, the market skyrocketed to 13.8 billion dollars, while 2022 closed with profits of 16.4 billion dollars, due to the growth of social channels and formats diversity, with short videos, being the favorite and most used .

Given this scenario, more and more companies are using this method to attract new customers, such is the case of Finamex México, who worked with the DRIM platform, to promote its market with the help of influencer marketing through posts and promotions offered to clients in collaboration.

Finamex sought to develop the work through the CPA model and for this, DRIM provides a promotional discount code, and the influencer receives a percentage of the purchase. The promotion was as follows:

  1. The subscriber views the influencer's post.
  2. The subscriber follows the influencer's individual link and installs the app.
  3. The subscriber register, enter the influencer's promotional code and the client receives a preferential investment rate of 12% per year.

Work Strategy

Finamex sought to increase customer traffic in its application through micro-influencers and establish two key objectives:

  • Attract new users
  • Increase their app exposure through views and clicks

The work was focused on Finance and Economics topics, using only micro-influencers who are experts in that specific theme and, despite such a narrow focus, DRIM was able to attract almost 500 new clients from a bloggers´s topic.

Different key messages were elaborated for the micro-influencers to tell to the subscribers:

  1. Finamex as an alternative to have short-term investments – The regulated brokerage house Finamex, which has been operating for 48 years, recently launched a new product called +Pesos where you can invest at 1, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days and currently the returns are around 10.42% annualized with the possibility of reinvesting automatically.
  2. The safest and easiest form of investment is FINAMEX – Is only needed to select the period in which you want to invest and start generating returns.

Micro-influencers Selection

DRIM has been working with the Finamex Company for 5 months and during this time all possible categories of micro-influencers have been tested, using various social networks and different publication formats.

The beginning of the campaign was focused on the promotion published by the influencers following the following steps:

  • Talk about the advantages of Finamex.
  • Use a call to action (call-to-action) in the publications: follow the link, install the application, register and make a deposit.
  • Use the promotional code
  • Post a link to Finamex and a promotion code that the project manager will provide.
  • Encourage subscribers to follow the link and use the promo code to get an interest rate of 12% per year.

The central topics were about Finance, Economy, Business and Career, which allowed to precisely reach the correct target audience, and in social networks the publications can be made with the fully described advantages of Finamex and the instructions to follow for the visualization of the app and registration. The most successful channels for the campaign were Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.

Top stories:

Hypothesis testing

DRIM's vision is to work with influencers with a particular approach, since it is difficult to reach agreements and conditions where something can go wrong or can be canceled. And when it comes to a large-scale action involving thousands of influencers, it becomes difficult to choose the right ones, to establish communication, negotiate the deals and keep track of the established agreements. This is why Finamex sought the opportunity to work hand in hand with DRIM.

At the beginning of the campaign, the hypothesis was that the content topics should focus exclusively on Finance and Economics issues. As it is a promotion for a Stock Market account, in this case, Finamex, and it was possible to reach 129 new clients per month. However, and after the success of the previous hypothesis, it has been decided to scale the project using other themes to test a new hypothesis, in which it is assumed that people interested in investing not only follow financial influencers but also those who manage various themes.

This is why the project will be scaled with greater diversity, this despite the fact that from January 2023, it has changed to a more complicated target action: the opening of the first deposit from 100 pesos for a new client (compared to the registration of a new client).

Campaign Results

DRIM managed to win 111 new clients in its first month of work (September 2022), achieved a total 820 clicks and a 77 166 reach. The campaign has been successful, with just 5 months of working together, DRIM managed to attract a total of 550 clients to Finamex, 5,167 clicks and a total reach of 2,221,56 in just the first month of work . The campaign was published by only 51 bloggers.

Some other data:

  1. The main format of publication were posts.
  2. The posts received over 4000 likes.
  3. Subscribers left 292 comments below the influencers' posts.
  4. Subscribers clicked the links of the influencers almost 10 thousand times.