Debi Nova, the Costa Rican singer-songwriter nominated for a Grammy, hit number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with her song, "One Rhythm."

The DRIM team and its influencers from various niches teamed up with Sony Music to promote Debi's second single "Pasajera" from her upcoming album, and to announce her first concert in Mexico at the Tejedor Forum on May 23rd and her personal project, "Círculos 3:33," on February 15th and 16th.

Influencers shared their experiences via stories, reaching half a million people each day on social media. And who can blame them for sharing every minute of such a spectacular event!

On the first day, Debi performed some of her popular songs as well as tracks from the new album. The song "Pasajera" was warmly received, with many feeling a connection to it, while "Paloma," a song Debi wrote about her daughter, moved even the most reserved listeners; by all accounts, they were exceptional.

The second day was inspired by circles, in honor of Debi's company. Kate Komleva, Country Manager for Latam and USA, and Ekaterina Udaltcova, Creative and Public Relations Director of DRIM, along with some of our DRIMers and other guests, sat around a table led by Debi to discuss the issues women face today.

Why a circle? "In many indigenous cultures, such as in India, women used to gather in circles during menstruation to honor the changes in their bodies and support each other through the process," says Debi. "In a changing society, growing physically and emotionally represents a challenge for many of us.

“For this reason, we have decided to continue the sacred tradition of sisterhood and open a space for all, regardless of who we are, what we do, or where we are, to feel the beautiful energy and support of being surrounded by wonderful women." This is the reason behind Círculos 3:33.

At the launch event, the conversation addressed social, work, and family pressures. After all, who hasn't heard that "the clock is ticking" in their biology?

Debi and the Sony representatives emphasized the importance of discussing the issues women face in the workplace and at home, to know how we can support each other.

It was an honor to participate in the project with Debi Nova and Sony: the DRIM team and influencers described the experience as "magical," and soon we will be able to see Debi live at the Tejedor forum on May 23rd to enjoy her songs live.