My name is Yulia Aslamova, and I am Head of Asia at DRIM - a performance influencer marketing platform. We bring clients with the help of micro-influencers. The payouts are made only based on results, which means a blogger only receives money if his advertising works.

Today I’ll tell you how we, along with the MGCom agency, brought customers to KFC in the CIS region: what hypotheses turned out to be failures, why users did not place orders, and what numbers were achieved.


Bring new customers of the KFC app, who will place an order in the app and pick it up at the restaurant. Tell about the convenient functionality of the “self-delivery” application - quickly, without queues, with fantastic promotions.

Success criterion

The user downloads the app and places their first order.

How we've reached the targets

We attracted micro-influencers to cooperate. Our advertising message was to take advantage of the new self-delivery function to order in the application and pick up at the restaurant without any queues.

Launch of an advertising campaign

The campaign launch is the most exciting and responsible stage. To understand the type of bloggers that will bring high results, you first need to determine the portrait of the target audience: for whom the advertised product is relevant and what needs it covers. We have selected several target audience groups and selected a relevant message for each.


KFC is popular with students: it's a quick bite to eat, and the food is often tastier than lunches at the university cafeteria.
Our hypothesis: a student can place an order as soon as the university has a break, then walk to the nearest KFC and pick up food without waiting in line.

Office employees-

On a working day, it’s not always possible to eat calmly: at lunchtime, there is a queue in the cafe, the cook prepares food for a long time, and the manager has already sent urgent corrections.
Hypothesis: it will be convenient for an office employee to order food on the way to the nearest restaurant and pick up the order without queues. In the morning, on the way to work, you can take coffee with you in the same way.

Fitness club clients -

Fast food restaurants are rarely paired with a sports diet, but KFC has low-calorie dishes made from chicken, a popular food among athletes. We assumed that on the way from work to the gym, a person would want to have a snack and drink coffee to relieve fatigue. Of course, without wasting time in queues.

Pickup is especially relevant during a pandemic, when the number of seats in cafes and restaurants have been reduced.

But the only issue we faced was influencers did not immediately agree to work.

In the beginning, we received a lot of objections from bloggers. The main thing is that self-pickup in the KFC application is of no interest to anyone. In fact, ordering a delivery is not always convenient, and in good weather it is more pleasant to take a walk and pick up the order yourself.

We were ready for objections and we convincingly persuaded bloggers and to make it easier for them to decide to start working with us, we offered to help with the creation of advertising content and prepared descriptions of dishes from the KFC menu.

Please note that we have translated this content from Russian to English specially for this article

An example of a description that helps a blogger with advertising. Bloggers used our text or wrote their own based on it - as you like. View all example descriptions →

Publication examples

The campaign began with a focus on younger audiences and lifestyle bloggers from Instagram and TikTok. We've also invited a few Twitch streamers to test the Crispy Chicken Entry during our streams. Influencers who talk about bargains and local news from different cities also wanted to cooperate with us.

Please note that the publication has been made in the local language

Please note that the publication has been made in the local language

Please note that the publication has been made in the local language

Please note that the publication has been made in the local language


Please note that the publication has been made in the local language

Please note that the publication has been made in the local language

Hypotheses that failed:

If you are testing several hypotheses, you need to be prepared for the fact that not everything will go smoothly. In our case, 2 hypotheses did not justify themselves at all.

TikTok and Twitch performed poorly.

From these social networks, we received only half a percent of the total number of orders in total.
But in addition to financial results, the task was to bring an image component and beautiful content to the campaign, so we continued to work with TikTok bloggers who are ready to make trendy videos for KFC.

Conversion in cosmopolitan cities was not the highest.

We assumed that cosmopolitan cities would be especially active in responding to advertising: brand awareness in the metros is high, and there are many restaurants. As a result, main metros showed good performance, but some regions took the lead.

Bloggers who participated in the advertising campaign reported from day one that users could not place an order with a discount.

They did not understand how to apply the promo code and use the new pickup feature and we did not take into account the restrictions of the promotion.

We solved the problem this way:

In each publication, the blogger had to explain step by step how to work with the application. Managers also helped bloggers check if the order met the conditions.
For example:

  • The user is authorised;
  • There is an amount on the card;
  • The promotion is valid in the user's region;
  • Combos and sauces in the cart were not applicable for the discount.
In a few days, we completely redesigned the ready-made layouts of advertising messages so that placing an order did not cause difficulties.

Previous and updated versions of the design layoutWe quickly weeded out non-working hypotheses, discarded inappropriate bloggers, and became more accurate in getting to the target audience thanks to data analysis.

The DRIM platform processes data from advertising campaigns and highlights the most performing social networks, account themes, regions, and design layouts.

What is the result :

In six months of work, our bloggers have brought about 55,000 new users to the KFC app in the CIS Region. To accomplish this goal, bloggers made more than 8,000 publications. The advertising campaign is flourishing, so we are increasing the pace: in July alone, we attracted 300 new bloggers and made 2,000 new publications.

Some more facts:
~ The main posting format is stories, but there are also posts.
~ The posts received a total of 40,000 likes.
~ Subscribers left 1600 comments under the posts of bloggers.
~ Subscribers went to the app using the links of bloggers 168 thousand times.

Over to you:

If you are looking for the effective solution to work with social media influencers, we offer you to discover the new performance marketing channel and end-to-end marketing solution.


Yulia Aslamova

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