At DRIM CosmoFest presented by Forbes India, Neha Agrahari, Senior Director of Growth and Marketing at Flipkart, talked about how important it is for the content used in influencer marketing today to be relevant, relatable and personalised because of the hyper personalised approach in marketing at present.

She observed that reach and engagement increases when brands leverage vernacular medium to bring in that personal touch to the brand messaging.

So why should brands be incorporating regional content into influencer marketing campaigns?

Cultural Relevance: Regional content allows influencers to connect more authentically with their audience by addressing cultural nuances, local trends, and traditions that resonate with their followers. This relevance fosters a deeper connection and engagement with the audience.

Language and Tone: Using local language and tone helps in better communication. When an influencer speaks in a regional dialect or uses familiar expressions, it feels more personal and relatable to the audience, creating a stronger bond.

Take a look at @eatwithdelhi’s reel for DRIM’s collaboration with Domino’s India, with 21 million views, and @budget_blogger’s reel in Tamil, which was shared over 15k times.

Now imagine the reach and effectiveness when regional language influencers like these were to convey a brand’s message in their own language, to their followers! Wouldn't that have just the impact all brands seek? Conversions!

Targeted Reach: Different regions have different preferences, interests, and behaviours. Tailoring content to specific regions enables influencers to reach a more targeted audience, leading to higher engagement rates and a more receptive audience.

Localised Campaigns: Regional content allows for the customization of campaigns based on geographical locations. This could involve featuring local events, landmarks, or even collaborating with regional brands, thereby increasing relevance and appeal to the local audience.

Trust and Credibility: Influencers are seen as more authentic and trustworthy when they speak in a manner that aligns with the local audience. This authenticity builds credibility and fosters a deeper connection, making the influencer's recommendations more impactful.

Virality and Shareability: Content that resonates with a specific region's culture or interests tends to be shared more frequently within that community. This can lead to increased virality within the targeted region, expanding the reach of the campaign.

Brand Perception: When a brand embraces regional diversity and engages with local influencers, it portrays itself as inclusive and culturally aware. This positive brand image can resonate well with consumers across different regions.

Data Insights: Using regional content allows for a deeper analysis of audience behaviour, preferences, and responses in different areas. This data can be valuable for future campaign strategies and optimizations.

At DRIM Global, we understand that incorporating regional content into influencer marketing campaigns can significantly increase their effectiveness by fostering deeper connections, improving relevance, and driving engagement with the audience in specific geographic areas.

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