Get ready for liftoff! An astronaut from DRIM embarked on a space mission with an artistic purpose.

Hello everyone! March 2nd was a very special day for Mexico and the art world. We were on the verge of witnessing a historic event: the launch of a space capsule carrying artworks created by Mexican and international artists.

The Art to Space project is an innovative initiative that blends art, science, and technology for a social cause. The mission was to send a capsule into space with over 20 artworks, which would return to Earth after a 30-kilometer journey.

Claudia Huizar, one of the participating artists, described the experience as magical: "My artworks always touch points before I do physically. So, it seems magical to me that this time it goes beyond my own physical capabilities."

Sunset Pérez, leader of the Art to Space project, explained that the goal was to raise $40,000 for the AMI Foundation, an organization supporting social impact projects in Colombia. "We're not just sending art into space, it's coming back," Pérez said. "We're promoting culture, social impact, and collaboration among artists, scientists, and businesses."

The DRIMer astronaut was tasked with accompanying the capsule on its space journey. DRIMer embodies our company's philosophy: growth, innovation, and limitless potential. Therefore, sending DRIMer into space goes beyond symbolism; it's a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The launch of the Art to Space capsule was an event that invited us to dream big and explore new frontiers. It was a symbol of humanity's ability to create, innovate, and make a positive impact in the world. We are genuinely proud to be part of such an innovative and meaningful project.

Stay tuned for this exciting space adventure!