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DRIM influencer marketing platform hosted its fourth Womentoring session conducted by Ms. Indrani Maitra, Leadership, Business and Executive Coach with more than 10+ years of experience being a leader at the CXO level for leading large, multi location teams in hybrid working mode in Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing, Business Excellence and Product Research & Management in Edtech and Education.

The session titled “Unleash the power within” was conducted on 28th June, 2024. It was attended by the Influencer Talent Managers at DRIM and was open to the general public as well.

The session covered aspects such as how women can prioritise themselves in order to get the drive and ability to solve and handle all other situations in life, in all other areas of life.

Ms. Maitra mentors women to take their rightful place in the corporate world. She has co-authored a book called “Herstory unveiled- Seven Women’s Tales of Triumphs" and speaks at various forums to share her knowledge and experiences.

She also helps mid to senior leaders attain top Management roles by effectively navigating complexity and delivering results consistently under pressure.

Feedback for the session:

The attendees shared unanimously positive feedback for the session. Ahalya Kiran, Influencer Talent Manager with DRIM, said, "It was an excellent session where every individual gets the spirit to be unique in their own way. Very informative and useful for any individual.”

Three lucky attendees have won a free coaching session with Ms. Maitra.

Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM, commented, “We have received great feedback about Ms. Maitra’s session from our Influencer Talent Managers. Her expertise and knowledge is evident from the way she was able to establish a connection with the attendees. We thank her for the session and wish her all the very best.”

Lakshmi Priya, Head of HR at DRIM, said,”The session with Ms. Maitra was helpful for us to understand how as a woman, we tend to place ourselves last and allow everyone and everything else to take centre stage. It helped us see how we can prioritise ourselves and still do a great job of juggling the various roles we play. We are thankful to Ms. Maitra for the insightful session.”

To contact Ms. Indrani Maitra for a personal session, please write to [email protected]

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