"You can earn millions working on social networks," - we hear this phrase more and more often. However, not everyone is ready to become a blogger and broadcast their life and their hobbies on camera. Does this mean that it is impossible to make money on social networks in this case? Not at all! After all, there are many equally profitable and promising off-shooting professions in addition to blogging, such as blogger's manager. What does a blogger manager do, how to become one, and what skills and qualities should he have? You can find out by reading the article :)

Who is the blogger's personal manager?

Blogger’s manager is a profession that combines a range of responsibilities, functions, and skills. In brief, a blogger's manager is the right hand of the influencer, who helps a blogger to monetize his Instagram account or his YouTube channel and increase his earnings.

What exactly does a personal blogger's manager do?

The basic responsibilities are:

  • networking with potential advertisers and partners;
  • direct contact with advertisers to discuss advertising campaigns;
  • negotiating with bloggers on PR/mutual PR issues;
  • communication with sponsors and partners before the give-aways;
  • planning the schedule of advertising integrations;
  • effectiveness analysis of the advertising campaigns;
  • development of promotion strategies;
  • assistance to the blogger in creating materials for advertising campaigns;
  • assistance in launching products, including information products (courses, checklists, marathons, etc.).

Why does a blogger need a manager?

Based on what a blogger's manager should be able to do, it is obvious that he or she completely manages the process of launching campaigns and projects to achieve the best results. Thus, the manager significantly eases the work of the blogger himself, helping to sort out the backlog of advertising proposals, and selecting the most effective projects.

What skills should a blogger’s manager have?

The requirements of bloggers can vary, as well as their vision of what their manager should do, the list of skills needed can vary, but in most cases, you will need these skills to become a successful manager:

  • effective networking to expand your pool of contacts with potential partners and advertisers;
  • time management, so that you can schedule the launch of projects and advertising integrations in the most convenient way for the blogger;
  • partitive thinking to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and projects;
  • basic SMM knowledge to clearly understand the market and the specifics of the profession.

Why blogger's personal manager doesn’t equal to SMM & PR blogger's manager?

As mentioned above, basic SMM knowledge is important to becoming a blogger's manager but the thing is that blogger’s manager and an SMM specialist are not the same thing.

SMM specialist role is close to those of a PR manager since both professions are aimed at maintaining the blogger’s image. SMM specialist is responsible for the quality of content, the full design of the profile, and the development and promotion of the blogger’s personal brand, in other words, he acts as a marketer. Unlike SMM specialists, PR managers usually develop a one-way promotion strategy and do not contact consumers/followers.

Let me remind you that the blogger’s manager is not engaged in an image campaign, but works on establishing connections with partners and advertisers for further monetization of the account.

How to become a blogger’s manager on YouTube and Instagram from scratch?

Getting started as a blogger’s manager with no experience is not easy, but possible. Why isn't it easy?

Most bloggers with a small audience don't need managers. First, they don't have a backlog of projects and advertising integrations, so they don't need extra help. Secondly, they do not usually have a large budget and, therefore, are not willing to spend it on additional personnel.

The vast majority of bloggers with a large audience are looking for specialists who can help with scheduling advertising campaigns and analyzing the effectiveness of collaboration and who already have specific cases, with a ready-made database of advertisers.

What to begin with? How to join the market without practical experience?

Surely you will need to make a good-looking portfolio to get a job as a blogger’s manager, like for any other position. You can find an example of a resume further in the article but first, it is worth figuring out what to fill it with.

  • Courses, lots of courses. As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to become a blogger’s manager without theoretical knowledge of SMM and the specifics of the profession. The courses you've taken will not only help you better understand the market and current trends but will also boost your resume. It's not hard to find a course today. You can take a general SMM course on any education platform, or you can choose a blogger's course to share your expectations as a potential employer.

  • Cases. The chances of becoming a blogger’s manager are reduced to zero without practical experience. So how do you duck the issue? Start small: help your friend promote a profile. This way, you will have a real successful case to share with a potential employer.
  • Retraining. You can start getting to know the niche as a blogger relations manager to better understand the specifics of working in social media, the preferences of bloggers, and the needs of advertisers. Unlike job openings for the position of blogger's personal manager, which are usually published exclusively in the influencer's profile or not published at all, job openings for the position of blogger relations manager are publicly available on sites like LinkedIn. In many cases, it is possible to become a blogger relations manager without experience, as companies offer training or internships. If you are interested in working as a blogger relations manager, getting into the world of social media, and becoming a link between large companies and Influencers, then DRIM is a great start with the opportunity to make money while you are interning! The platform provides free training and works with real projects on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

How to make a competitive resume for a blogger’s manager position?

You need to put all of your qualities, skills, abilities, and real cases together to make a good resume. It is important not just to mention the experience, but also to describe what functions you performed in this or that project, and what results the blogger achieved with your help.

We recommend you organize your resume into the following sections:

  1. Basic and contact information. Provide your full name and contact information for feedback in this section.
  2. Key skills. This section should contain basic skills combined with more specific skills that can be learned directly from practical experience.
  3. Work experience. Here you mention practical cases, your functions, and achievements.
  4. Education. You can mention higher education if you have any in this section.
  5. Additional education. This section can be combined with the previous one, mentioning all the courses taken related to Internet professions.
  6. Additional information. Information may vary depending on the requirements stated in the job description. Fluency in a foreign language would be a valuable addition: by communicating and establishing contact with foreign partners and advertisers, you can get a blogger into the international market.

Sample resume of a blogger's manager

Unfortunately, there is no certain format that would guarantee 100% employment, as bloggers' priorities vary. The following is a sample that will help the aspiring manager create his or her ideal resume based directly on the requirements of bloggers.

John Smith

Phone number: +44 (XXX)-XX-XX

Email: [email protected]

Key skills

  • effective communication
  • time management
  • partner and advertiser prospecting
  • multitasking skills

Work experience

March 2020 - December 2020. The personal manager of beauty blogger X.

  • engaging partners and advertisers
  • launch of information products
  • scheduling promotional integrations
  • report keeping
  • project efficiency analysis

September 2019 - March 2020. The personal manager of business blogger Z.

  • managing and running advertising campaigns
  • help in launching an information product
  • report keeping
  • project efficiency analysis

December 2018-September 2019. DRIM. Blogger relations manager.

  • collaboration with bloggers and advertisers
  • help in creating promotional content
  • conflict management
  • TA analysis


Lancaster University’2019. Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Market Analytics

Additional education

March 2020. Coursera. “SMM-manager" online course

November 2019. Udemy. Faculty of marketing analytics.

Foreign languages

English: fluent

German: elementary

Why do I need to write a cover letter?

The cover letter is the link between your resume and the conditions/tasks the blogger has for you. No matter how much experience you have, a formal resume cannot reveal your full potential. The cover letter allows you to present yourself as a specialist in the best possible way. That's why it's worth taking the most serious and creative approach to writing it. You can prove that you are well versed in the specifics of the job if your work experience is limited.

The letter should contain an explanation of why you are interested in the blogger's position and why it would be beneficial for the blogger to choose you.

It's not enough to simply mention your experience to impress a potential employer: "Collaborated with blogger @nickname," because that information can be found on a resume without a cover letter. It is necessary to describe your achievements according to the type of problem-solution result.

  • The problem is seen as a goal that the previous advertiser had set for you.
  • When you describe the solution, you are referring to the actions you took to achieve your goal.
  • When you write about the result, you are evaluating the effectiveness of your actions concerning your goal, based on specific numbers and real achievements.

It is very important to add how your practical skills can contribute to working with a potential employer, and what services you as a blogger's manager can provide.

How does a manager find a blogger on YouTube or Instagram?

So finally, you're ready to get to work, but how do you find a client, how do you find a blogger who needs a manager?

Ideally, you can respond to a job posted on a social networking page/channel of a blogger, but bloggers rarely recruit for their team. What to do in this case? How do you offer a blogger your services as a manager?

If you don't have access to current job openings, you can try offering your services to bloggers directly by sending out your resume and cover letters, or you can start your career by working at an advertising agency to subsequently build up a base of potential clients.

How much does a blogger’s manager earn?

The salary varies widely, as it is proportional to the client's earnings. Managers receive about 20% of the blogger's income. Certainly, the manager of a beginning blogger is unlikely to earn millions at first, but earnings will grow steadily as the account develops, new influencer products are launched and advertisers are engaged.

Does the blogger's manager profession have any disadvantages?

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages like in any other profession. The main drawback is complete dependence on the blogger. You are fully responsible for the blogger when you make an agreement with an advertiser. It will be the blogger's manager who will have to handle the conflicting situation if the content of the advertising campaign does not match the demand, or if the ad does not come out on the appointed day. Dependence is also expressed in the financial aspect. The manager's income will suffer if the blogger decides to reduce the number of ads in his profile.

Advantages of the profession

The benefits of the profession still outweigh the direct dependence on the blogger. Blogger’s manager has flexible schedules and works remotely, which is one of the major perks of any Internet profession. You can reduce the risks and become less dependent on the blogger by working simultaneously with several influencers. The profession of a blogger’s manager is profitable and prospective because the result of the work done is directly affecting the income: the more effective assistance to the blogger, the higher your client's earnings become, and the higher your salary.

How do you know if the blogger’s manager profession is right for you?

It is necessary to refer to the basic qualities of a blogger’s manager to analyze whether such a profession suits you:

  • Stress resistance and self-control. Overlapping timing is an inherent part of blogging. You need to be prepared for any unforeseen situations, remain calm and not engage in conflicts with clients.
  • Communication skills and charisma. Highly important qualities for establishing contacts with advertisers and partners. Being communicative and charismatic can help you not only be able to negotiate a collaboration, but also work on the most favorable terms for your client.
  • Expertise and foresight. It is necessary to clearly understand the specifics of the niche, and the target audience of the blogger to be involved only in productive projects.


In the age of social networks and information technology, any Internet profession can provide you with a good income. The profession of a personal manager, despite its minor drawbacks, is very promising and profitable. Having built up an impressive base of clients, partners, and advertisers, you can provide yourself with a stable income in the long run.

I hope the information was useful to you:)

Good luck!