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Do you consider yourself a highly skilled social network user? Or maybe you only created an account yesterday and made your first post today? It doesn't matter. This article contains up-to-date information that will be helpful to both. Call your neighbors, relatives, and family, and make yourselves comfortable.

You're about to find out:

  • what does it take to be a good influencer
  • what topics to follow, what to broadcast about;
  • the most popular blogging niches in 2022.

...and much more.

What does it take to become a popular influencer? Where to start?

How to become a influencer? Choosing a blogging niche

Nowadays it's not enough to download Instagram and create an account to be called a "influencer". The same applies to YouTube. No way!

If you type "how to become a influencer from scratch" or "how to make your first money by blogging" into a YouTube search, you will find dozens of heartwarming success stories from already established influencers where they will tell you how they started making millions. You will be told that you only need to put your mind to it, that their first video was shot on a low-budget camera, and that you will certainly reach a stable income and make millions by becoming a influencer. It's certainly interesting and praiseworthy, but many of these influencers started blogging when there wasn't much competition in the marketplace.

So, is it possible to make a name for yourself in the blogging community in 2022? Is it difficult? The answer is yes. You will need to have a background, skills, and starter pack if you want to win the hearts of the audience quickly. It's all acquired in the process, nobody is born an influencer. However, we will tell you what qualities you need to have, what to use and what to be able to do.

It all depends on the social network you choose. A smartphone with a good camera or a professional camera will give you an incredible advantage if you are planning to use YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok. You may need a light, tripod, and microphone in addition to video equipment, but it's all toys for demanding professionals - beginners can use any camera. Don't even ask how much money it takes to get started. Balance desires with your abilities. Later, you can experiment with the equipment when you earn money.

Next, you should take the time to study software for video editing, learn how to set the light, configure the sound and adjust the picture. You don't need investment in this, simply download all the programs from the Internet for free, and learn how to shoot videos on YouTube. You’ll only need all this at the beginning - editing will no longer scare you and take a lot of time when you become more experienced.

You need to think about learning photo processing software, stories making services, scheduled posting apps, and other such things if you chose Instagram or any other social network that emphasizes visuals. However, do not immediately hire content and storymakers. Use your skills, desire, and imagination to the maximum, and later you'll make money and start expanding your team.

Well, whichever social network you choose, no matter what you broadcast, always keep track of trends and be at the peak of the hype. Situational content can be embedded in any themed blog. The main thing is to optimize and adjust everything for yourself so you won’t scare your followers.

What topic to choose?

How to become a influencer? Choosing a blogging niche

The blog must have a certain theme. Let's imagine that you already have all the necessary resources and at least a little experience in shooting, editing, writing, and other things. Nevertheless, there are still a few points that are simply vital to consider. Not every user of social networks can call himself an influencer even having all these things.

The first and most important thing that distinguishes the average user from the influencer is content aimed at meeting the needs of the audience. It can be educational, entertaining, informative, or another problem-solving format. Hence, you need to choose a niche or the topic of the blog.

This question worries almost all blogging beginners. You need to think carefully and choose one or two related directions. We understand the wish to shoot videos about everything you are interested in, but let's be realistic, it will not work out unless you are a kids' influencer or some kind of celebrity like Kylie Jenner.

So, how do you decide on the topic for a blog? How to do it in a way that is profitable, relevant, and also fame bringing? How to keep your interest in it?

Many influencer completely ignore the last question. That's for nothing. We all want to start making money and gaining popularity as soon as possible, but if you choose something that doesn't make your soul warm, and doesn't bring you happiness every day, then you shouldn't even start. Sooner or later your productivity will decrease, a burnout will come, and you will abandon the blog. You are more likely to become successful and earn the appreciation of your audience by doing what you love.

So, you have to go through three qualifying steps and follow the instructions to make sure you don't fail.

How to become a influencer? Choosing a blogging niche

  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What am I interested in? What are my hobbies?
  2. What can I talk about non-stop in the company of friends and relatives? What interesting stories can I share?
  3. What kind of advice do people most often ask me for?
  4. What kind of work do I do and what achievements do I have?
  5. What do the influencers I follow talk about?
  6. How can my blog be useful to people? What can I tell and show the world?
  7. What topic would I like to get into? What should I learn?

You will already have several topics in mind after answering the above questions. They are likely to be very diverse, so now let's move on to step 2.

How to become a influencer? Choosing a blogging niche

  • Come up with a small content plan for each of the topics

What publications would you post right now? What to shoot? What to write about? The faster ideas are generated, the more likely the niche is yours. Don't be lazy and do this trick with each topic derived from the previous step, and then just count which one has more statements under it. Eventually, it is advisable to keep 2-4 topics.

  • Check for competitors who have taken niches that interest you

Check out how successful they are, what kind of audience they have, what kind of advertisers they engage, and how long they've been working in the market. Do you see yourself in their shoes? Does their content inspire you?

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by another person's work - not to plagiarize, but to adopt a development thrust.

You need to leave one or two topics, if they are related, and can be combined after you complete our three-step guide. It seemed that all is done but there are still things to do. There is another relatively new feature.

Let's start from afar. Here is a list of the most popular topics for blogs on social networks today:

  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Parenthood
  • Fashion
  • Study
  • Fitness
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

Is that cool? That’s awesome. However, is it possible to succeed in these wide-ranging topics in 2022? Nowadays, real local masters of their craft are valued among influencers and bloggers. The narrower the topic of the blog, the more loyal and better quality your audience will be.

Let's say you can be an expert in the confectioners' niche - not just have a food blog. You can be known as an expert in running and marathons - not just be a sports influencer. You can stream survival horror and shooters - not just run a game blog. You can talk about hitchhiking through Europe - not just be an average video influencer-traveler. You can tell your target audience about fashion history - not just be a fashion influencer. You get the idea, don't you?

This approach makes it possible to get the most loyal audience, quickly become an expert in your niche, and promote easier in search engines.

You don't have to worry that advertisers won't collaborate with you in the future. Companies understand that a niche influencer's audience is worth much more than a million-fan army of vloggers who shot challenges. You'll earn money if you love what you do, for sure!

What to do when the topic is chosen?

How to become a influencer? Choosing a blogging niche

It's pretty simple:

  1. Create a blog on Instagram or channel on YouTube or an account on any other social network
  2. Fill in the profile description, add contact information, and upload the profile picture
  3. Make a content plan
  4. Start making content
  5. Do not forget about targeting and other valid methods of promotion

Keep in mind what distinguishes a influencer from an average user:

  • posts things that might be useful to followers
  • selects ads carefully on his blog
  • posts regularly
  • has features
  • emphasizes the quality of the content (both visual and text)
  • keeps track of page statistics
  • knows his audience and communicates with them

How can I get rich by blogging?

As mentioned above, financial motives should not be the only motivation. Nevertheless, let's review the most typical ways of making money. Today, influencers' income depends directly on the amount of reach and engagement. So, getting advertising for a fake audience won't work. Influencers need their own audience!

Influencers will be able to do these things by having active followers:

  • cooperate with companies and advertise products and services (probably the most common way);
  • advertise personal accounts of new influencers;
  • promote their brands;
  • promote personal services (cosmetology, manicure, etc.)
  • sell info-products (marathons, check-lists, etc.)

How to become a influencer? Choosing a blogging niche

You will be able to get to success, money, and self-fulfillment at ease by following the principles presented in this article. There are still two unanswered questions: when to start and whether to become a binfluencer at all? It's worth it, and it's better to start immediately! Choose a topic and a niche and go for it! Dozens of new influencers appear on every popular social network every day, so don't even think about putting it on the top shelf.

Good luck!