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EnviaFlores is the largest online flower and gift shop in Mexico, where you can find a gift for any occasion with home delivery throughout Mexico! There you can schedule your order or request same-day delivery in just a few clicks.

Product advantages:
  1. The widest coverage among flower shops and delivery services in ALL of Mexico.
  2. A wide variety of products, from flowers, balloons, plush toys, perfumes, candles and much more.
  3. There are many options to customize your product: from adding a photo to engraving the phrase you like on a thermos.
  4. Availability of delivery on the same day of the order or you can schedule delivery on the day and time you want!
  5. Bonus program with cumulative points: points are awarded for each peso in your order, 1 peso = 1 point. By accumulating 3,000 points, they can be redeemed for a discount of 200 pesos.
  6. Notifications from the moment the order is created to the moment it is delivered: the buyer always knows where his order is and when it will be delivered to the recipient.
  7. Electronic gift certificates are valid for all product categories.

Goals and objectives

The main task DRIM faced was to attract new clients to the EnviaFlores service. During the advertising campaign, we had to show to the target audience that ordering flowers and gifts online through EnviaFlores is very comfortable (no need to go anywhere), safe and convenient.

The target audience we considered was the following:

a) age: 18-24, 25-34 years;

b) gender: equally (because both men and women give flowers and gifts equally);

c) User profiles:

  1. Men who want to please the woman they love. They usually give flowers for no reason, so they can react to an excellent promotion and make an order with delivery to the home of their lover.
  2. People who are far from their family and friends. Even being several thousand kilometers away, they try to please their loved ones on a holiday or for no reason at all. They consider quick delivery options for your orders.
  3. People who give flowers to their loved ones at the holidays. They choose the most beautiful bouquets of flowers and often know exactly which flowers they want to buy. They request a delivery of their order at home, so that the bouquet of flowers reaches the recipient whole, fresh, beautiful and in the fastest possible way. For them it is important that the order is delivered exactly in the specified period of time. They appreciate that the delivery takes place on the same day and that the bouquet of flowers matches with the image in the photo and in real life.
  4. People who don’t want to wait in a florist shop for a bouquet to be prepared. They order flower delivery for family or business meetings to save time. They don't want to spend minutes traveling, going to florist shops or waiting for a bouquet of flowers to be prepared for them.
  5. People who are often late and sometimes forget about important events. They constantly remind about a holiday or celebration on the eve or a couple of hours before the event. They are looking for a service that solves their problem in a fast and reliable way. They will glad to order flowers to their home to go with them to a celebration, or they will send them directly to the celebrated.
  6. People heading to a festive event. It can be a birthday, a wedding, discharge from a maternity home, etc. They are not used to coming empty-handed, they usually complement the main gift with a bouquet of flowers.
Comments from the team partnerships and influencers of EnviaFlores

We met the DRIM team at an event and then organized a general meeting with them, so that the team could tell us about a business model that suited our goals very well. This is how we decided to work together and continue to do so to this day.

Never before have we managed to have such a reliable strategy for working with micro-influencers. We believe that the success of this advertising campaign is based on the volume of profiles and the subsequent follow-up that is given to each of them. And the platform, in turn, makes the whole process efficient.

Which influencers were invited to participate?

At the beginning of the advertising campaign we tried to attract micro-influencers mainly from Instagram and Tiktok. The main topics have been: lifestyle, fashion, children and family, travel. The geography of the influencers was focused on the 3 main cities of Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. In our experience, small influencers are the ones that tend to generate large volumes of sales, due to the high level of participation of their audience, the native presentation of their publications and the relationship of trust with their subscribers.

Then, our analytics system corrected the themes, as well as chose other GEOs, with higher conversion. Within the platform, we have developed a system that collects extensive information about each influencer in particular. We can see their performance in related topics and projects, the reach of their audience, as well as the volume of responses in each social network where the influencer has their blog. This analytics goes deeper than the market average: agencies generally only take into account the number of clicks and likes the influencer gets.

EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

Our system makes it possible to predict the attraction result of a particular influencer. In addition, this system is able to determine which influencers, from which cities and on which social networks will get the best effect. Also, our system automatically searches for influencers similar to those who have already proven their effectiveness.

EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy
EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy
EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

That’s why, over time, we have expanded the range of social networks used: we’re not limited to just Instagram and TikTok, but we’re committed to posting on Twitter and Facebook. We also expand the list of blog topics. We started publishing together with influencers of different topics: lifehacks, reviews and guides, care and cosmetics, photography and video filming, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, humor and entertainment, etc.

What message did the influencers transmit to their subscribers?

The influencers in their publications talked about the fact that ordering flowers and gifts with EnviaFlores is a comfortable, fast and profitable option. They created creative videos:-)
EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

In addition, the influencers also reviewed the app, showed how to use the website and app, how to order quickly and how to apply the promo code to get a discount.

In general, the personal presentation format has always worked very well.

What tools were used?

During the advertising campaign, our platform proposed repeated changes to improve the results of the project. We have already talked about expanding the list of social networks and topics, let’s focus on other tools.

Working model

At the beginning of the advertising campaign, during the first month, we worked only to reach the target action: the purchase of a new client, but we understood that to obtain better results we needed repeated publications from the influencers. That's where we found the ideal solution: we expanded the target audience of the advertising campaign. Apart from the purchase of a new client, we added a new target action: a second purchase. Paying for repeated orders helps influencers earn even from repeated publications, which motivates them to make the next post, whose effectiveness turns out to be higher, as shown by our analytics system.

In this way, we kill two birds with one stone:

  1. We increased the number of new clients for the service by increasing the number of influencers attracted to the campaign and the number of publications by each of them. For example, in the first month, 35 new influencers were attracted to the advertising campaign, who made 38 publications, and in the next 2 months, after the payment for repeated orders was added (December-January), 247 new influencers were attracted. influencers, who made 422 publications.
  2. We interested influencers with the fact that, in addition to payment for a new client, they can get paid for repeated orders, which encouraged them to make more publications. In this way, influencers became brand ambassadors on a regular basis, but without a significant increase in publishing costs. Speaking in numbers, during the month of November, of 35 influencers, 1.5% made more than 1 publication, and in December-January, of 247 influencers, 43.2% made more than one publication.

EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

The graph shows that:

  • the increase in the number of publications and orders has been occurring since the month of December, and it was at the end of November that the second target action was added to the project: payment for repeated orders;
  • after the month of December (when the advertising campaign was optimized), the number of orders increases.

Integration with the client dashboard

Another of our hypothesis was that we need to see the complete picture with the orders to get the correct data, required by the analytics system, and then improve the results of the advertising campaign. We always explain to our clients that it is necessary for them to send us regular statistics in order for our system to work correctly and properly.

  • for updated analytics, according to which we optimize the campaign daily;
  • so that influencers can make quick decisions about publishing repeated publications.

After several months of work, we offered the client to integrate with their system, and in March this finally happened. Our team managed to start receiving order data directly and in real time, which multiplied the results of the project due to the fact that:

  • influencers began to receive information on their weekly results, according to a schedule;
  • influencers became more willing to make repeated publications, as the platform now showed them their profits in updated form;
  • the number of controversial situations decreased, in which influencers doubted the results obtained; each case could be resolved individually.

EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

Thanks to the integration with the system, we managed to adjust the influencer selection process: we saw which publications were not giving the desired result and refused to cooperate with their authors. And with the most effective influencers, on the contrary, we made repeated publications in order to encourage their audiences to enter the sales funnel.

The graph shows that since January there has been an increase in the number of publications, both first and repeated, which continues and is reflected in an increase in the number of results.

Characteristics of cooperation with EnviaFlores

For the advertising campaign to be successful, it is important to have the support and trust of the client. In the case of the EnviaFlores service, this turned out exactly like that. Our influencers received unique conditions for their subscribers: a 12% discount on their first order, as well as on repeated orders.

We appreciate the fact that the client was not afraid to experiment with us and gave us his feedback constantly. In addition, all changes in the advertising campaign (expansion of the list of social networks and topics, changes in the working model, integration with the client's dashboard) always found a response from the client, they were discussed openly and in summary.

A joint discussion about the course of the advertising campaign does not happen with all clients: not everyone is ready to spend time on it. We are delighted to have had a fruitful cooperation with the EnviaFlores project, in which each part was interested. This was reflected in the results of the advertising campaign. Despite the fact that the main work falls on our platform: the search for influencers, communication and negotiations, payments, etc., on our part, we provide the client with a brief but detailed report on a monthly basis, as well as proposals for the optimization of the advertising campaign.

Comments from the team partnerships and influencers of EnviaFlores

For several years, the influencer marketing channel has been helping us a lot in positioning our brand. Thanks to opinion leaders in different types of content, we have been able to reach new audiences.

Working with DRIM has helped us a lot to continue developing the channel with the help of influencers with more organic content, and thanks to the work of their team, we are able to work simultaneously with many more profiles than originally planned. As a result, we have already achieved very good results.

Now our main tasks are to attract new users and position ourselves in new audiences of content creators in Mexico.


EnviaFlores and DRIM: A Successful Duo in Microinfluencer Marketing Strategy

*Performance: the number of results per 1,000 subscribers of the influencer.

During the 9 months of the project (October 13 – June 20), the influencers made 1,746 publications on various social networks, which allowed attracting thousands of new clients to the EnviaFlores service and repeated orders, with an approximate reach in the publications of almost 83 million people.

Most of the publications were made on Instagram: almost 1,293 (74.05%), demonstrating a good performance of 1.03. Twitter proved to be the most effective social network: 43 publications (2.3%), demonstrating the highest performance, reaching a value of 2.24.

In the month of February, thanks to joint work with influencers, the service obtained hundreds of orders during the month, and in March too, which represented an increase of 50.15%! Additionally, approximately 40% of total orders are driven by new customers. In other words, we are seeing dynamic growth, which is an excellent indicator that we are moving in the right direction.

Project team:

Kate, Head of Latam

Evgenia, Head of Scouts

Alena, Senior Scout

Olga, Head of Accounting

Emanuelle, Head of Sales