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DRIM influencer marketing platform hosted its second Womentoring session conducted by Niraj Srivastava, Founder & CEO of Young Skilled India. The session titled “Management skills to excel in personal and professional life” was conducted on 18th May, 2024. It was attended by the Influencer Talent Managers at DRIM and was open to the general public as well.

Mr. Srivastava is the founder and mentor of Young Skilled India, a Government of India recognized startup, and has over fifteen years of rich experience working with Fortune 500 companies like TATA, Nestle, and SABMiller, with more than five years in a leadership role. An alumnus of IIM Kolkata, he initiated a unique course designed to meet the 21st century’s most employable skill needs.

This course was established through an MoU with the Ministry of Education and AICTE to provide next-generation management skills to all UG/PG students in India and other developing countries.

Niraj Srivastava also serves as a Mentor of Change for Atal Innovation Labs at Niti Aayog, has a special interest in corporate training, mentoring professionals, and students in employability skills development, and is a global mentor for Nottingham University.

The engaging session covered the following topics:

  1. Understanding ourself better
  2. A glass of water - an exercise to understand goal setting
  3. The biggest enemy of your success
  4. Differentiate between personal quality, abilities and skills
  5. The importance of a mentor
  6. Importance of professional and life skills

Feedback for the session

The attendees had wonderful feedback for the session. Rajeshwari Kancheti, Influencer Talent Manager, said, "Thank you, Niraj ji, for your incredible guidance and support. Your practical approaches and logical thinking have truly inspired us. We appreciate your dedication to helping us open up, face our challenges, and explore our skills. Your session on management skills has been invaluable in our journey towards personal and professional success."

Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM, commented, “Our Influencer Talent Managers found Niraj's session to be engaging and deeply impactful. His expertise in management skills and his interactive delivery style resonated well with our team, making the workshop both informative and enjoyable. The participants have enjoyed attending this session.”

Lakshmi Priya, Head of HR at DRIM, found the topics discussed in the workshop relatable and relevant for anyone interested in self development. She said, "Niraj’s session was thought provoking and had us participate in self reflection to understand our own approach to goal setting and achieving. Time flew as we were immersed in the ideas presented. The content was brief, very relevant and covered a lot of important points which should be implemented in managing skills.”

Influencer Talent Manager Shilpa Thatikonda said, "Incredibly awesome session by Mr. Niraj Srivastava on management skills in personal and professional life that boosted us towards thinking and Analysing "Who we are??" and what we really need to do to focus on the process needed to Understand-Visualise-Follow through. I will make sure to implement it in my journey of success.”

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