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Even if you have only 1500 followers, you choose which brands to work with. Famous global brands are waiting for you to become a DRIMer and promote them. With your loyal followers, you can earn on every sale you generate.
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We work with:
Tata Consultancy Services
Procter & Gamble
Dreamers’ Feedback 
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3,06k subscribers
Would like to Thank you Anurag Sinha for introducing such a great platform called DRIM, i appreciate the clarity you provide for project tasks, you clearly solve all my doubts regarding the projects, looking forward to work on more projects with you, thanks for making time to chat with me about task concerns, i appreciate your ability to resolve issues quickly and your willingness to help where you can, you have been a great and sweetest, manager ❤️
Mayra Bansai
4,09k subscribers
I’m very happy after joining DRIM. Tapashi is a such superb girl. She clear my all doubts and i’m very comfortable with her. I cnt go outside to work but after working with her i thought that i also become a working woman
184.3k subscribers
I have worked with DRIM on Domino's project and quite happy with the outcome. Also, my manager Dilshaz has helped me a lot from guiding to withdrawing payments by giving all proper updates. Overall it was a lovely experience.
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The best-in-class analytical system helps identify top-performing segments of influencers for your brand
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You get the desired results in the form of new clients, app installs, orders, etc. Then you share the results with us.
You pay by the end of the month only for confirmed results
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Our platform optimises campaigns and targets influencers, so we can deliver better results.
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We care about our partners and that's why more than a hundred thousand influencers trust us.
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