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Every influencer has to get acquainted with his audience. In this article, you will learn how to write an introduction post effectively.

What is an introduction post on Instagram and when is it needed?

An introduction post implies a story about yourself. It is, however, important to put the focus not on the topic of the post, but on the task at hand to write a strong post. A welcoming post should convey a compelling message to the reader: "This blog is cool - you need to stay here”.

It is important to be clear about who you are and who your target audience is to fit this idea into 2,200 characters. What unique and useful things you can give to them? How do you differ from your competitor influencers? Think about what form can represent your introduction post when you have a clear understanding of what meanings to put in your story.

Let the introduction post for your blog be original. First of all, it is a better attention grabber and it is more memorable. Secondly, we don't write a welcoming post just when we need something to publish. An avalanche of introduction posts descends on the user on Instagram at the same time as yours. For example, when the user decided to participate in an educational marathon or win a car.

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Posting an introduction post is always a great idea before a new audience comes to Instagram. Introduce yourself properly to advertise marathons and giveaways more effectively.

8 ideas and examples for making good introduction posts

Ideas for a introduction post on IG

Just in case the muse has gone on vacation, we've prepared a guide for you to take action. Here's a selection of classic tricks and fresh ideas to introduce yourself to your followers on Instagram. You can mix it, but not shaking:

Idea #1 - Good old-fashioned storytelling type of post

The formula for such a post is simple: a story + a lesson + a call to action.

  • Story.

Tell a story that might be interesting to your follower. It can be a case from your life or any other story that influenced your activity.

If you want to do well, it is essential to remember that a strong story is an emotional story. Don't be afraid to make followers smile or shed a tear. An engaged follower will not swipe down and forget what he read in 30 seconds. That's all we need.

It is important not to go overboard with emotion. Don't deliberately exaggerate otherwise the follower will suspect falsity. And don't try to show him all the colors of the world: first to make him happy, then to make him sad, then to call him to compassion... One story, one emotion.

  • Lesson or conclusion.

That's what the story was told for. Lead followers to the main moral and share your conclusions in two or three sentences.

For example, there are no magic pills. Everything has a price, and there are usually hundreds of bumps and a lot of hard work behind the pretty cover of success.

  • A call to action.

Don't leave your blog followers "up in the air". People, for the most part, want others to think for them and often follow instructions automatically. So, end the post with a call to action: follow the blog, share your experience in the comments, text to direct messages, etc.

For example: Did you go somewhere scary to change your life for the better? Share your stories in the comments.

Make a post about how you got into the profession or blogging, or talk about the experience that characterizes you best. A successful introduction post can also grow out of a story about your mission and values. In general, the set of topics is limited only by the imagination of the author.

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Idea #2 - The series type of post

If the story you want to share is long, feel free to pause it at the most interesting point. Your blog's reach will say thank you if the reader has to grab some popcorn and look forward to the next episode. And if you combine a series of Instagram posts with a common hashtag, you'll give the reach reasons to rejoice for an indefinite period.

Idea #3 - A story about changes in your life’s ideas

For example:

When I was 5 years old, I thought that journalists were some kind of people who lived in magazines;

At the age of 15, after working as a correspondent for a children's newspaper and radio, I realized that this was a profession that kept bringing me into the thick of interesting things;

At the age of 25, after graduating from the journalism department of Salem State University and having made a career in television, I realized that I was no longer interested in this work.

Idea #4 - The story in numbers

For example:

3 is the number of children I have given birth to.

4 is the number of books I have published.

5 is the floor of the apartment where my family life began.

6 is the time on the clock that I hate waking up.

7 is the age at which I suddenly thought: "Here comes adulthood!"

8 is the number of years I have invested in feeding my children milk.

9 is the grade in which I finally accepted that I would never understand math... And so on.

Idea #5 - The most meaningful phrases in your life

For example:

- Just try it! - mom's carefree voice when I was afraid of something.

- Jenn gave us the crazy story again! - the boss's phrase about me behind my back.

- Here's your company registration certificate. – reply from the accountant.

- We looked at the plan - it's awesome. We want to work with you! - the book publisher's response to my application.

Idea #6 - A Quiz

You probably saw publications like that on social networks: "Here are 10 facts about me, find two that aren't true”. The trick is old, but it still looks good and works. The winner of the guessing game can be offered a special prize. An introduction post for your blog may be written in the same format.

Idea #7 - Make a selection of strange facts about you

Friend of the previous idea for the post. It looks and doesn't look like it at the same time. Write something like this:

  1. More than (doing my own thing) I like solving math problems and salsa dancing.
  2. I'm not afraid to walk on a rope under a circus dome, but I'm terrified of ladybugs.
  3. I can not only sit in a negative split, but I can speak in the voices of all the characters of Sesame Street...
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Idea #8 - Introduction post as if it was a completed questionnaire

For example:

Name: John Wright

Occupation: marketing strategist,

Superpowers: I professionally synchronize business processes, train the best, and build a dream team.

Watchword: if you do well, you'll be fine.

How to write an introduction post for commercial accounts?

How to make an introduction post on Instagram?

At first glance, it may seem that the options for introduction posts for commercial accounts are somehow limited, but they are not. In this case, you can start from two components: the brand and the benefits of your USP or the personality behind the brand. Consider each option under a magnifying glass.

Focus on the benefits your customers receive if you decide to write about a product in a post. Talk to them in their language. If they appreciate uniqueness and quality - write about it. If you offer fast delivery, decent service, and a good price, then tell them about the delivery time, offer free consultation, and great deals.

The second option for a welcoming post for a commercial account is to introduce the brand creator or his team. Such a technique boosts audience loyalty, and thus encourages them to purchase. In addition, design features of the visual, creative photos and texts, and even the features of the product - all this can be copied. You only can't copy the personality. It's cool when an entrepreneur takes advantage of this to set himself apart from his competitors.

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In general, many ideas suitable for a personal account can be built into a brand profile as well. They just need to be adapted. It's appropriate to write personal about work rather than personal about personal in a commercial account. The story of the brand's creation is ok, but the story of your first high school love is not ok. A story of embarrassment in a sixth-grade geography class - no, 7 major job fails and what conclusions you came to - yes. And so on...

What to avoid in an introduction post

How to make an introduction post on Instagram?

Even the coolest idea is easy to bury with poor writing skills. Don't do it like that:

  1. Don't be modest, but don't try to seem better at the expense of incredibly beautiful, exquisite adjectives either. You don't sound any more convincing with them. Honestly. A hundred percent. I can't be more precise.
  2. Avoid abstractions and cliches like "low prices, excellent quality, fast delivery”. Instead, it is better to explain how your innovative production technology will make customer’s life easier, what is the price of the goods you sell, etc.
  3. Don't use a lot of emojis. It's distracting.
  4. Leave the smallest details to your granny. Give only interesting and exciting facts in the post.
  5. Don't overcomplicate it. If you are intelligent and have reread the complete works of Tolstoy, that's cool. Speak in human language on Instagram. Easy texts are read better.

How to pick the right hashtags for your post

How to make an introduction post on Instagram?

The text is written, the photo is ready, and it's time to publish. It looks like the end. But it's not quite there yet. It would be good not to forget about hashtags. Hashtags are a tool for other Instagram users to find your profile, so it's better to know how to use them.

You can choose hashtags like these for the introduction post:

  • denoting the activity: #cosmetologist #influencer #designer #accountant #photographer #businessman #touroperator #traveler;
  • main offer: #copywriterservices #remoteearnings #repaircomputers #tourism #tourismblog;
  • location (if you work in a certain city): #newyork #london #boston #paris #moscow #prague
  • post category: #aboutme #introductionpost #10factsaboutmyfamily #15yearsago #trueorfalse


Social networking is definitely not for the lazy ones. It's all about being a marathon runner here. If you stop for a second, the competitors will repeat the best features of your blog and you will lose. You have to stand out from the crowd. Learn and practice, follow the trends and try new things, but always be yourself.