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The short answer is YES!

The apprehension around work from home opportunities is understandable, given that 99% of them are scams that ask you to pay an amount upfront and then cheat you of your hard earned money. DRIM offers work from home opportunities to eligible individuals who complete the training which is 100% FREE.

What is DRIM?

DRIM stands for Direct Influencer Marketing. DRIM Global is a performance marketing platform that works with influencers to help leading brands achieve their business goals - whether that is sales, increasing brand awareness or other results that they seek, such as app installations.

DRIM has a thriving global presence with offices in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe. The team in India works remotely and consists of teammates from all over the country, even from remote areas.

We have qualified and capable people in our team who would have found it challenging to find a job if it were not for DRIM’s flexibility and remote working opportunity. This is in line with the vision of Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM, to be able to provide employment opportunities to eligible candidates irrespective of their location and time constraints. You can read her views here and in several other reputed publications like Social Samosa, The Financial Express, Agency Reporter, Media Brief and several others.

DRIM organises meetups for team bonding and fun evenings spent in the presence of colleagues, so even while working remotely, the team is a closely bonded one that enjoys working together on projects.

In just over 2 years of its existence, DRIM Global has already emerged as the preferred choice of leading brands like Domino’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Myntra, Swiggy, Flipkart Health Plus, Bankbazaar and many more, for influencer backed performance marketing campaigns.

Securing its position as the industry leader in the influencer marketing space, DRIM Global consistently secures industry accolades.

Notably, in September 2023, DRIM hosted a one-of-a kind event in collaboration with Forbes India. The event DRIM CosmoFest brought together the country's foremost marketing luminaries.

DRIM has a unique approach to talent acquisition, specifically targeting women who've faced interruptions in their career due to life events such as marriage and motherhood. DRIM's commitment is substantial, offering eligible candidates free training and certifications to become Influencer Talent Managers who are absorbed into the company after successful completion of training.

This is how the company sets itself apart from prevalent ‘work from home’ scams that often demand upfront payments or investments. DRIM's prerequisites are refreshingly straightforward: dedication and talent. The role of an Influencer Talent Manager necessitates a minimum commitment of 5 flexible hours per day, enabling individuals to harmonise professional responsibilities with personal obligations seamlessly.

An intriguing aspect of DRIM's operational model is its predominantly female workforce, comprising over 90% of Influencer Talent Managers. This team is a collective of exceptional women who deftly manage their roles as parents, home-makers, and Influencer Talent Managers. Balancing multiple responsibilities, these individuals serve as an embodiment of capability and resilience.

Being a performance marketing platform, the remuneration is not fixed or capped. Truly, sky is the limit for individuals performing exceptionally well. Influencer Talent Managers at DRIM begin earning during their training period. One of the best performing talent managers at DRIM earned Rs 86,000 in July 2023.

We are growing and have great things in store, so we are always looking for the best talent to join us. If you would like to join us, fill out the form and our recruitment team will get back to you if you are eligible.