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Brand managers will resonate with this - you engaged a popular influencer to promote your brand, and paid a hefty fee, but the published content didn't go viral and received a very limited reach and poor results? There goes your ROI!

One of our key secrets of making content that goes widely viral on social media (mainly Instagram and Youtube) for our brand partners, is to focus on UGC. It could be not so ‘Instagrammable’ and ‘glamorous’, but it should appear to be a genuine recommendation, have native character and be attractive for the target audience - the Brand’s potential customers.

DRIM delivers 300+ million organic views to brand partner brands EVERY MONTH. How do we achieve this? Read on to know our secrets!

At DRIM, having influencers create content that goes viral comes easy. We have over 2.5 Lakh registered influencers who have worked with us for leading brands such as Fresh To Home, Domino’s, KFC, Myntra, McDonald’s, Swiggy, Flipkart Health Plus, Tata Neu, IDFC First Bank, Zepto, Hamleys, One Card, Jupiter and several more.

Why it is a good idea to leave influencer marketing to experts (Like us!)

Influencer marketing is an incredibly labour intensive and time consuming endeavour. We relieve our brand partners by taking on this responsibility completely, and executing performance driven campaigns. Every decision taken for your brand’s influencer marketing campaign with us is backed by state of the art ML technology, a data-driven approach, and expertise gained from our rich experience of executing campaigns for various segments of the industry.

Image: In depth analysis of stats enables data driven decisions

Influencer marketing with DRIM entails making influencers brand advocates who use their power of recommendation to drive conversions.

What does DRIM do differently?

Influencer Selection

It starts with choosing influencers responsibly. No matter how popular an influencer may seem, we rely only on data to analyse and pick the best influencers whose:

  • audience matches the brand’s target audience
  • content would uphold the brand values and convey brand messaging
  • creativity and personal touch to content would spark interest
  • compelling offers would turn followers into customers
  • Performance on other projects has been impeccable
Image: The ML powered dashboard analyses suitable influencer topics

Image: In depth analysis of influencer’s viability on DRIM’s analytical dashboard

At DRIM, brands don't just get influencers for brand promotion. They get content created by a network of brand advocates who drive performance.

Emphasis on User Generated Content (UGC)

According to this Forbes article, 60% of consumers say user-generated content is the most authentic form of content. A study revealed that 90% of shoppers felt that UGC influences their decisions to make purchases, outranking all other forms of marketing.

For a brand to gather user generated content that is engaging and original would prove to be a costly affair, impacting the marketing budget hugely. However, our influencers who earn through the Cost Per Action model recognize that applying creativity, a fresh approach and producing engaging content is the best way to boost their income. The more results they get, the more income they earn! It's a win-win situation for the brand as well as our influencers.

Our vested interest in driving virality is that we deliver influencer marketing campaigns on the CPA (Cost Per Action) model. That means brands only pay for the results or orders that they get, even though their brand awareness gets boosted for free.

Take a look at some of the content from our influencer marketing campaigns that went viral:

Notice the common factors in all of them - engaging and original content, the influencer’s own unique touch, authenticity, personalised approach that will appeal to their followers and other such factors that we guide them to keep in mind while creating content.

From Domino’s Pizza Campaign:

Views: Over 16.4 Million

Number of Views: Over 23.2 Million

Here is a viral reel from our partnership with Mc Donald’s. Our influencer marketing campaign for McDonald’s got them 95k new users and garnered a reach of over 185 Million!

Views: 33.1 Million

Read another relevant case study here:

How McDonald’s leveraged influencer marketing to acquire 95K new users

Our collaboration with Swiggy Dineout brought them a total of over 23 lakh views from the target audience, along with great engagement.

Here is a reel that gained 1 million views from the target audience!

We know what you are thinking. No, we are not restricted to FMCG brands! Take a look at some of our viral content for other segments:


Video views: 1.1 Million

Views: 6.3 Lakhs


Views: Over 743k

Partner with DRIM for your brand!

Getting your brand messaging across to your target audience, and generating conversions through increasing brand awareness is what we do best. Partner with us to get the DRIM edge for your performance marketing campaign powered by influencers.

Read feedback from marketing leaders from the best brands and leading agencies, who highly recommend working with us:


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