DRIM Global has once again proven its prowess by winning bronze at the prestigious Indian Marketing Awards, 2023. The winning case study, titled ‘DRIM Global and McDonald's: Golden Arches Conquer South India,’ is a success story that redefined industry standards and solidified DRIM's position as a leader in influencer-powered performance marketing. It won in the category of “Best Use of Technology”.

DRIM's influencer campaign for McDonald's West and South India in collaboration with Madison World witnessed unparalleled success, bringing in over 22.6 thousand unique new users and a staggering 39,021 new direct orders. This feat is particularly noteworthy considering the challenge at hand – growing a new audience base in a geo-specific region while navigating the fiercely competitive space of food delivery apps in West and South India.

The campaign focused on leveraging influencers to not only tap into the challenging Western and Southern Indian market but also drive new direct orders. With 4255 publications by 2521 influencers, the campaign garnered a reach of 46.88 million, effectively breaking into a region that had proven elusive for many.

What sets this campaign apart is its exceptional engagement rate of 30%, a stark contrast to the industry standard of 2%. This achievement is attributed to DRIM's innovative machine learning-powered platform and data-driven approach, complemented by a personal touch from DRIM’s dynamic team of Influencer Talent Managers.

Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia at DRIM Global, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with Madison World.

“Our team’s ability to align our deep understanding of consumer behaviour with a brand’s objectives while crafting campaigns that resonate and drive tangible results, has made us the leaders in leveraging influencers to deliver impactful performance marketing campaigns.

Our incredible team of influencer talent managers have worked diligently under the able guidance and supervision of their managers to achieve exceptional results for this campaign. I thank my team of influencer talent managers and project managers for their amazing teamwork, and Madison World for always being delightful partners for collaboration. I’d like to say a special thanks to McDonald’s India for trusting us with performance marketing and convey my gratitude to e4m events for this honour.”

Yulia emphasised the strategic collaboration that brought this visionary campaign to fruition and credited the success to the creative thinking, team coordination, and strategic approach of the scouting team, led by Project Supervisor Katya Nikitonok, Senior Key Account Manager Harshita Gupta, Project Senior Scout Diana Khamzina, and Head of Scouts Dilshaz Bilakhiya.

“The campaign has provided a full-funnel benefit to us, right from awareness to conversions. What stands out is the learning capability of DRIM’s dashboard, coupled with the manual checks and scrutiny diligently done by the team. We congratulate DRIM Global on the win and may there be many more!”

- Imran Ansari,

Deputy General Manager at Madison World

DRIM Global's triumph at the IMA 2023 highlights the platform’s ability to push boundaries, create impactful campaigns, and set new benchmarks in the influencer marketing space.

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